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New Year Resolutions for 2010 | Lisbon Blog

What are your Resolutions for 2010?

The year is nearly over. Let’s not get sentimental, but at the end of December just about everyone has some melancholic feelings and thinks about the year that has just passed by. In this way, negative and positive events, circumstances and occurrences of our personal life, but as well in regard to the entire world, will flood through our minds. And of course, a kind of bad conscience will also be produced, because some of the excess kilos which for almost one year we swore to loose are still on our hips. Curiously, there is also a cigarette packet in your jacket pocket, although you promised to give up smoking last year. It’s time to think about new resolutions for the New Year, but please, be more realistic this time!


On New Year’s Eve we will get bombed with those metaphorical speeches, where they talk about new dreams, new desires, new hopes, new promises, a new year…. sounds like a kind of clearance sale: Old things out, new ones in!. But has the turn of the year always to be so symbolic? After all, you can make your plans, new goals or change things during the year, or do we have to wait until the 31st of December? However, perhaps New Year’s Eve enjoys a kind of official character, because we make a kind of an oath for obligating ourselves to fulfil it.

“Our good intentions are usually the first disappointments of the new year”. We couldn’t define it a better way. Talking about the typical resolutions for the New Year, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of time thinking: less chocolate, no cigarettes, less alcohol, loose weight, get up earlier, more fruits… As you can see it’s only about consuming or doing something “more” or “less”. But why aren’t we a little bit more creative with our intentions? What about “more passionate sex”, or “working less, and enjoying life more”, or perhaps “eating as well on our own as well as accompanied“ not always walking with such a stressful face and smiling a bit more”? Those intentions sound more realistic, don’t they? However, each person should decide whether they want to make real resolutions for the whole of the coming year or if each morning they want to wake up thinking about some a few goals they want to achieve each day.

And what does the turn of the year also mean? That’s easy. We switch on the TV, open the newspapers or we can already hear it on the radio: the best of 2009 mania. Whether the best music, the best film, the best mishap, the best book, the best sports person…not matter what, the media kills us with the many “best of categories” of 2009. It’s very easy to think of some keywords for 2009: Barack Obama, swine flu, Michael Jackson and many others. But why don´t you do your personal “Best of 2009” show. Undoubtedly it will me more fun and entertaining.

Intentions, promises or not, what you should really plan and fulfil is to travel more. What about making a trip to one of the most enchanting Mediterranean capitals of Europe? Rent the cheap and comfortable Lisbon apartments and try the mouth watering cuisine and visit some of their most famous landmarks such as the Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon. Surely this is a worthwhile New year’s resolution!

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