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Wellness in Lisbon

Do you feel weighed down because of your job? Are you stressed out by your daily life? Have you noticed that your bones, your feet and your whole body become more and more heavy? Many times before going to bed you ask yourself: “if I had more time, I would …” If so, travel to Lisbon and enjoy the life as only the Portuguese know how to do it and relax in one of its numerous wellness centres.

The Portuguese capital is an oasis of relaxation, where you can spend a few healthy days for your body and your soul. If you take a walk through its beautiful parks, you’ll discover a relaxing world that will remove all the stress accumulated during the daily life. Lisbon has many green areas, such as the Florestal Monsanto Park, the largest park in Lisbon and the lung of the city, where the Portuguese spend their free time with friends having barbecues, playing soccer, jogging, etc. But the Jardim Botânico and Eduardo VII Park are perfect places to disconnect from the world, too.

Apart from the indescribable nature, Lisbon offers the first wellness centre in Portugal, the Lisbon Wellness Centre. There, a team of experts will treat you like a king or queen fussing over you with massages, aromatherapy, Arab baths and relaxation areas etc. This huge place, which has only appeared in your dreams, is divided into four thematically different areas. In the “Academy” space you can challenge your body with cardiac exercises, with weight training, self-defense courses and many other things that will help you to discover every hidden muscle in your body. The spa area will take you to the sauna, the hammam bath and to the hot springs. At the Aesthetic Centre they will give you all types of massages: facial massages, body massages and feet massages. You can also enjoy a multitude of masks for fresh and healthy skin. In the fourth space, the Clinical Centre, several medical, nutrition experts and physical education teachers will help you by giving you a lot of information for your wellbeing. As you can see, this centre is a true unprecedented paradise.

If you do not have enough with the wellness centre, why don’t you take a stroll along its beautiful coastline? In Lisbon you will have the opportunity to relax on the endless beaches of fine sand on the Atlantic seashore. You’ll find beautiful places such as the Costa del Sol, or the Portuguese Reviera Praia da Rainha.

To end a perfect day, romantic restaurants are waiting for you with delicious menus. The Portuguese cuisine is characterized by very healthy food, like the rich and famous bacalhau and the tasty sardines you can taste in thousands of different variations and recipes.

Now you can say to yourself: “If I had more time, I would travel to Lisbon to relax”. The Apartments in Lisbon are the perfect accommodation. A few calm, peaceful and healthy days are waiting for you in one of the most charming capitals of Europe.

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