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FRA Rock Festival | Festival Rock Alaquàs 2009 | Valencia Blog

FRA - Festival Rock Alaquàs 2009

It’s summer time and as usual, many festivals are taking place in Spain. Many of them are rather interesting and some are internationally recognized and feature stars from all over the world. Others are less famous but also quite worthwhile.

Many of those “smaller festivals” offer a great atmosphere and quality gigs. If you’re up for it, come and check out the FRA or Festival Rock Alaquàs. This year is the 12th edition of this event. People come from lots of countries by car or caravan to participate in this show. You’ll find a mixed audience among which are lots of youngsters who have come especially to enjoy good music.

FRA 2009

It will start on August 29th in a festive and hot atmosphere. You’ll dance to rock music but also electro and dance… one sure thing: you won’t rest at night. Among the bands that were chosen, you’ll see the Pinker Tones, JESÚS Ordovás, ZABAXE, MOSEX, and INDEFINITS… The FRA ( Festival Rock Alaquàs ) is one of the yearly events to select famous bands but local bands too.

Don’t worry about quality; you’ll get to see bands such as Black Lips Cycle. They will be part of the show along with DJs and national bands. They also played at the Primavera Sound in Barcelona, so if you missed out on this huge festival, here is your chance to catch up! The great part of this event is that it’s really affordable, so come and enjoy great music without spending loads of money!

Shows will start around 8:30 at the Sequieta Park near Valencia. Famous bands will play first and then the stage will be taken over by the local bands. If you manage to find some time to sleep, rent an apartment in Valencia and enjoy the rest of the week end.

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