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Valencia Grand Prix 2009 – Grand Prix of Europe

The Grand Prix of Europe which takes place on 23rd August in Valencia, Spain looks set to be a thrilling race. Jensen Button, the current leader in the championship has said that his Brawn will be better in Valencia and that he hopes to put behind him the last few races where his car has failed to perform well.


Felipe Massa seems to be recovering from the terrible accident he suffered at the Hungary circuit last month when a coil came off the back of Ruben Barichello’s car and hit Massa. He underwent a life saving operation in Hungary and he’s just been discharged from hospital and is now in Brazil making a full recovery.

Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher is preparing his return to racing a Formula 1 car and the ex world champion will stand in for Felipe Massa until the Brazilian makes a full recovery. Michael Schumacher has already been seen testing an F2007 at Mugello in Italy but looks like any testing of Felipe Massa’s car is out of the question due to a few teams boycotting any testing by Schumacher. Apparently Ferrari asked the other teams if they wouldn’t mind and they all said ‘no’.

Schumi’ has also undergone a special fitness programme to get him fit for F1 racing but it appears that much preparation won’t be necessary as he is an extremely fit person. Sources say that since his retirement in 2006 his race fitness level hasn’t really dropped as he’s kept up the same fitness regime as always. He will still have to pass a medical exam in order to race though.

Brazilian Nelson Piquet junior has been sacked by Team Renault and we can only assume that this has been because of his not very brilliant performance behind the wheel of an F1 car this season.

Valencia’s street circuit will be full of thrills without a doubt and there will be a full crowd waiting to see if Jensen Button can continue with his success with the Brawn car. Fernando Alonso’s fans will be waiting patiently to see if there’s a chance that the double world champion will race and others, if not the majority will look forward to seeing Michael Schumacher’s return to Formula One racing. If he manages to get into the top 10 I’m sure many of his fans will be pleased.

The Valencia Grand Prix 2009 will take place on August 23rd. Why not make it extra special and rent apartments in Valencia. You are guaranteed a thrilling race!

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