Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Venetian Gastronomy

The delicious Venetian cuisine is often eclipsed by all the wonders of the city. You all heard of the Carnival, the gondolas and the romantic feel but who ever talks about the Gastronomy of Venice? Venetian food is traditional, varied and delicious. Venetian people have a Mediterranean diet based on fish, meat, veggies... and pasta!

Venice's reputation is to be outrageously expensive when it comes to eat out. Truth is, you need to know where to go and what to eat o avoid tourists' traps. Stay away from the San Marco Square. The farther you get from the centre, the better chance you have to eat well at a decent price. Don't fall for the tourist menu: often drinks, deserts and silvers are not included... trattorias are a much better option if you're looking for reasonably priced quality food. Or you can just buy slices of pizza from little shops on the street.

One of the most typical dishes of Venice is the "cicchetti" which is a lot like Spanish tapas. The most common are: octopus y sobrasada with polenta, meatballs, dried tomatoes, and fried crab claws, fried veggies, salt cod toast with butter, eggs with anchovy, and sardine with onion and vinegar.

Other specialties such as risottos made of rice and cuttlefish, crawfish or meat. The most famous kind is the "risi e bisi", served with ham. And obviously, pasta with all kinds of sauces and toppings. Try the famous "pasta e fagioli" (beans), very comforting in winter. Fish is also very common such as eels and monkfish. If you're into meat, have some Venetian style liver (cooked in onion).

Italy produces wine therefore you'll see many Venetians drinking a glass of Prosecco de Conegliano or Custoza al Amarone with their meal. Also try grapa and the "sgroppino" (lemon and Prosecco sherbet).

If you still have room for desert, you should know that Venice is famous for its "patisserie": pies, ice cream... taste the local tiramisú, the "zaeti" (galletas biscuits made of grape and Polenta flour) or some bussola buranelli (butter biscuits shaped like crowns).

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Diana Roig

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