Thursday, August 27, 2009

From Cupid to Internet: Love in the Times of Chat-- Apartments in Spain

From Cupid to Internet: Love in the Times of Chat

Times have changed and these days it is not Cupid who launches his arrows of love. For a number of years now newer technologies have left poor cupid out in the cold and the Internet seems to be the new God of Love. The new technologies are gaining followers in people’s personal relations: chats, forums, social networks, dating sites… Any media is good for love, provided it is done via the Internet. Who has not heard nowadays of a cyber couple?

The chats are the pioneers and the kings of cyber love. Under anonymous identities (nicknames), people gather in chat rooms, also known as channels to talk. The chats have become the perfect medium of thousands of people around the world to find their mate. In many cases, people from opposite ends of the planet have left their lives to start a new relationship that all started in a chat room.

The forums are another great way to meet people via Internet. These web sites, where concrete topics are debated, have turned into perfect places to find love. Hundreds of people discuss common topics such as motorcycles, health, beauty, sport … Thus, they talk about a common hobby and it is easier to interact.

The dating sites are equivalent to the dating agencies, but through the Internet. It’s as simple as filling out the form with your details and preferences, and ¡Voi la! You will find hundreds of profiles similar to yours to help you in finding your soul mate. You have to pay for some of these dating sites, but there are others that are totally free! Many of them have more than 15 million users! Who said that people do not feel like falling in love?

Today’s society lives in a great solitude, and the Internet has broken that barrier. Finding love is much easier thanks to these new technologies. This opens many doors in the eternal topic of “women seeking men”, “men seeking men” or “women seeking women”. For those addicted to love the Internet offers many possibilities: sending virtual kisses or postcards, sending flowers without leaving home, or getting the most original and flattering poems.

For those who think that the virtual world is cold and distant, nothing can be further from the truth! There are also a large number of people who have met up via the Internet and arranged to meet each other in person. The big capitals are often the preferred cities to organize these cyber meetings, as there are people from all over the world. An example is the Spanish capital of Madrid. The best way to find cheap accommodation is to rent apartments in Madrid. And now, are you ready to fall in love?

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