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Swingers Madrid-- Apartments in Spain

Swingers Madrid

Have you been a couple for many years? You are still in love and you love him/her, without a doubt, but every day you wonder: where has the passion gone? Many stable and monogamous couples split up due to their monotonous relationship in bed. Hundreds of them eventually get bored and it only poses one solution: to break-up. But, why do something like that when you are still in love? Recently, swinger clubs have arisen in many big cities and capitals. Madrid is a good example. In the Spanish capital swingers clubs have proliferated. Here hundreds of couples look for new experiences, fun and a way to stimulate their relationship in a healthy and sincere way.


Couples of between 30 and 50 years old usually frequent these establishments. Inside there is a very respectful atmosphere. Most of them require a dress code (smart men, sexy women).

These liberal swingers clubs usually have several areas: cinemas, dark room, reserved areas, nudist areas, sofa area, Jacuzzi, disco… To start, people often go to the disco. Then the couples have a drink together to get to know each other. If everybody agrees, they go to the sex areas. All kind of possibilities are open! Women with men, women with women, men with men, couples exchange, groups. It is very important to reach a consensus and that everybody feels comfortable.

Some people think that these kinds of places are dirty and for vicious degenerates, but not in the least. All these establishments are especially cared for and have a very elegant and meticulous aesthetic. Additionally, users are adult couples who maintain a healthy and respectful relationship with their partner and with other people.

It is estimated that in Spain more than a million people maintain or have practiced a partner exchange. The philosophy is to enjoy new experiences in a purely sexual way, always by mutual agreement, and without harming anybody. When a couple’s love life gets bored or too routine, going to liberal clubs can be a safe conduct to avoid destroying the relationship.

In Madrid there are many swingers clubs of many different styles. Maybe the passion you are looking for is hidden inside one of these clubs. And to spend the most romantic nights in the capital, rent Apartments in Madrid. You’ll enjoy the best accommodation in Spain!

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