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Fetish clubs are an emerging phenomenon in Berlin and are getting very popular among people of 30 years of age and above. People there are tired of going to clubs just to dance and get drunk. In the German city of Berlin the fetish clubs are very popular.


A fetish club is a club orientated to the obtaining of certain sexual pleasures. Normally, the club has several rooms. It has a dance floor like in any other club, a rest room for having a drink and to chat and talk with people and a room to have sex which is the most interesting one. This room is oriented towards several different sexual tendencies. People often misinterpret the sadomasochist trend, confusing it and thinking that in these places a few strange people feel pleasure through physical pain. But this is quite wrong. If we study this compound word we will see that it comes from two philosophers: Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and the Marquis de Sade.

Masoch was an Austrian philosopher who wrote several books and articles relating to sexual pleasures. His philosophy involves many issues and tendencies, but to summarize in a few words we will say that that the person who is a masochist is the one who likes physical pain inflicted on his person. This in the sadomasochistic world is known as a “submissive person”. How can a person feel pleasure through physical pain? For the experts it consists on dominating the torturer through this pain.

Sade was a French philosopher who spent most of his life imprisoned for his libertine and sexual life and for his controversial writings. The most controversial are those against the Catholic religion and the Government. The essence of his philosophy is to obtain sexual pleasure causing physical pain to others. In the sadomasochistic terminology this is known as the dominant person. A sadist is someone who also knows the human nature and knows how to turn pain into pleasure. Therefore we have the dominant master or mistress who is in charge of inflicting pain on others and we have the submissive one or slave that receives the punishment or pain. Both seek sexual pleasure along with their intellectual, moral and sexual capacity development.

In these Berlin fetish clubs there are all kinds of people: people who want to have some fun, sex addicts and curious people who just want to be part of the club. Usually there are security personnel that ensure that no one bothers them. There must be assent on both parts for any type of sexual game. Respect is the fundamental principle of these clubs.

If you are curious about these topics and want to try a fetish club in Berlin, why not rent apartments in Berlin. Other major cities where there are many of these clubs are Barcelona and London.

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