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Budapest underground labyrinths and caves | Budapest Blog

Budapest underground labyrinths

Budapest is known for its extraordinary beauty, its incredible spas and its historical parks like the Memento Park. But we must not underestimate the incredible hidden treasures of the city. Below its historic castle there is a particular labyrinth of narrow streets and alleyways to discover. Many of these underground labyrinthes date back to the Middle Ages and are absolutely dark.


You can also visit some caves that date back to ancient times and which were also used as underground paths during the war or prisons for torture and places to hide treasures. In addition to exploring the caves and labyrinthes, you can visit the best wineries located inside them. Once inside, take advantage and enjoy a glass of wine.

In the past, the caves served as refuge and as a preserve for game that was hunted. They were also ancestral homes five hundred thousand years ago. After the year 2000 the labyrinthe has turned into a famous trip for million visitors, thanks to the famous “Visit with the oil lamps”. It is an enigmatic and mysterious place that captures the attention of the visitors. Here there are really special places such as the World Axis, Menhir, the Tree of the shaman, the obelisk (a tree that reaches to heaven in the popular fairy tales)…

In the ancient labyrinth there are many paintings of animals and very symbolic drawings. There is also a beautiful statue representing a shaman because the ancient Hungarians believed in Shamanism, a very popular religion in Eastern Asia. The shaman is a magician of the Hungarian tradition. He is also the spiritual conductor, the priest and the divine healer. But then we discover other hidden symbols of the Hungarian tradition, like the enchanted deer, who was an idol to the Hungarian people.

This is a world that brings us back to the history of Hungary and leaves us fascinated. If you are a curious person and you want to know more about this city, come and rent apartments in Budapest. You’ll have a great time, but be careful not to get lost in the labyrinthe!

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