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Belem neighbourhood in Lisbon, Portugal | Lisbon Blog

Belem, one of the most charming neighbourhoods of Lisbon

Are you one of those who don’t like to spend the holidays in big cities full of people, traffic and bustle? But you also don’t feel like staying in the countryside or somewhere really peaceful or a place where you can’t do anything? In this case, you should go to Lisbon. Yes, you have read it well: although the Portuguese capital belongs to the category of “big city”, you’ll be captivated with a charming, quiet and relaxing atmosphere. One of the most fascinating neighbourhoods is, undoubtedly, Belem. Do you dare to submerge yourself in a trip through this beautiful neighbourhood? It will tell you the history of the city, of Portugal and also of the whole world.


Belem neighbourhood in Lisbon is a real witness of the most important events of the world history. The area lived through the golden era in Portugal from whose port the famous caravels set sail in search of new lands. In 1755 a terrible earthquake destroyed nearly half of the entire city and more than 100,000 people died. However, it seemed that Belem was protected by supernatural powers because it was not as affected as the rest of the city. Because of that, many of the monuments and tourist attractions of Lisbon are located in Belem’s neighbourhood. All these places have an indescribable cultural importance that you should not miss.

You’ll enjoy a very special and charming atmosphere in Belem! There are many places to see in Belem, but some stand out for their great beauty and history. They are located around the Praça do Imperio, a huge square with a large central fountain that was built for the Portuguese World Exhibition in 1940. The Mosteiro os Jerónimos, a huge and beautiful monastery which lies close to this square. This is a true symbol of the Discovery Age and it is considered one of the most prestigious monuments of Portugal. It was built on the wishes of Manue 1st in honour of Vasco de Gama and his crucial trip to the Indies. For the same reasons the famous Tower of Belem was built, which in 1983 was declared cultural heritage by UNESCO. In the same place you will find the interesting National Museum of Archaeology, the Maritime Museum and the spectacular Planetary Calouste Gulbenkian.

If you are walking along this beautiful neighbourhood, you will enjoy delicious aromas: either the wind of the Atlantic Ocean or the river Tejo, or the seductive aromas from the famous bakery Pasteis Casa de Belém. The Belém Pastry Shop (opened in 1837) it’s a mandatory stop: you must taste the delicious Belem cakes. Although you love your grandmother’s cakes, you’ll love these delicious cakes, too.

Some other interesting places are the impressive Belem Palace, the Discoveries Monument, the Folk Art Museum, the Sao Jeronimo Hermitage, the Igreja da Memoria, the Jardim Botânico da Ajuda, the Palacio Nacional da Ajuda and the Jardim Agricola Tropical. There is an endless list of places to visit.

Surely now you’ll want to know more about this incredible neighbourhood. Come on, you will find a very quiet and charming place. Rent Apartments in Lisbon and find the cheapest accommodation!

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