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How do Europeans flirt?

Posted by seville | seville | Tuesday 18 August 2009 10:35 am

One may think that in these hard times of financial crisis and with the disadvantages of globalization humans have completely forgotten one of the most important things in the world: how to flirt. But recent surveys show us the opposite: while some Europeans are true ladies men, the poor Germans are in the penultimate position and are therefore viewed as a lost cause.

Over the last few years several surveys have been carried out in European countries to verify those who are more flirtatious / man eaters and especially how the Europeans flirt. The results have not revealed many surprises. As we all know, the flirt champions are the Italians. To the question;  “of what country is  the man of your dreams from?” Most women answered that they prefer the Italians, while the Swedish women prefer the British men. The Spanish women have also obtained good results: according to the studies, the French men, the Swedish men and the British men are crazy for the beautiful Spanish women. The Germans, however, are real losers and they occupy the lowest place in the scale of the “perfect couple”.

Regarding the first impression, the opinions vary depending on the different European countries. The Frenchmen concentrate more on the aspect and the general impression of first sight, the British men centre on the face, and the Spanish and the Swedish look at their “love victims” deeply.

Regarding the first date, European people share the same opinion: the man has to take the first step. The Germans, the Frenchmen and Spanish prefer going to a coffee shop (café) on their first dates, while the Swedish to a restaurant and the British to a bar. It appears that the Germans are also declaring their readiness to have a multicultural, relationship followed by the Spanish, Swedish and British who all love to flirt whilst on holiday.

To flirt is not just a way of passing the time, but it is a typical behaviour of all cultures and societies and an essential part of human nature. The way of flirting changes among the European countries, whereas the Germans seem to be a bit colder and distant, the British surprise us with their strange humour, the true ladies man of southern Europe seduce their possible couples with compliments and spontaneity. The perfect time to flirt is clearly during the holidays. One of the hottest cities in the world is undoubtedly Seville. The Andalusian capital will captivate you with so much beauty, culture and especially with so many beautiful and friendly Andalusian women and men.

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Kris said...

The perfect time to flirt is clearly during the holidays. One of the hottest cities in the world is undoubtedly Seville.

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