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Murano, the Glass Island

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Venice is one the most romantic cities in the world. You’ll be fascinated with its canals, gondolas and typical Italian streets. You’ll be amazed at the infinity of small islands surrounding Venice. Among them: Murano. This is the most famous island of the Venetian Lagoon, where the glass tradition was born. Come to Murano to discover the Glass Island.

With its 7000 souls, Murano is the smallest island of the archipelago; it is also the most famous. This magical place was founded by the Romans and possesses a very emotional and fascinating history. Those who have never heard of the Murano glass truly have a piece missing in their culture. Because of the risks of fire, all of the glass makers had to move to Murano around the year 1291. After some time, the island became famous for its exportations and commerce.

At the beginning, craftsmen would only make pearls and mirrors, but now, the tradition has grown and every production is a piece of art. The famous “aventurine” glass comes from the island that has become over the years the main glass producer in Europe. If you’d like to discover this tradition of glass making, come to Murano and visit one of the many workshops there. Nevertheless, the main manufacturers are closed to the public because Venetian people are very careful with the secrets of glass making.

If you stroll around Central Street, you’ll get to see many craftsmen in their shops creating pearls or other items. Those shows are free and will certainly amaze you. Although you’re not obliged to buy the creations, you’re likely to fall in love with Murano’s beautiful craftsmanship.

The island has a lot to offer: besides the glass tradition, you should check out the Santa Maria Church or the San Pietro Martire Church whose architecture is fascinating. Don’t miss out on the Palazzo da Mula, a villa built during the 15th century. Chances are you won’t get bored in Murano!

Come visit one of the most romantic and amazing islands of Venice. Experience living in a fairy tale on the island of Murano, rent an apartment in Venice and have the best trip of your life!

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