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Once again, The Pompidou Centre in the Beaubourg district of Paris gives us a chance to rediscover an artist whose work and personality have influenced many generations.

From June 24th until September 14th, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in this unique exhibition and (re)discover a major artist of the beginning of the XXth century: Henri Gaudier-Brzeska. Born near Orléans in 1891, Henri Gaudier decides to go to England to try and become an artist. Along with him goes a Polish writer by the name of Sophie Brzeska.

henri gaudier

Although he never received any artistic training, Gaudier-Brzeska fell in with the Vorticism movement of Ezra Pound and Wyndham Lewis, becoming a founding member of the London Group. This movement is considered to be the only significant British movement of the early 20th century but lasted fewer than three years. Often referred to as the English version of futurism, its real goal was to capture movement in an image. Admirer of Rodin, he became a supporter of direct carving which involves sculpting marble or stone directly through his contacts with Jacob Epstein and Constantin Brancusi.

He was enrolled in the French army in World War I and was killed at the age of 23 after fighting bravely.

The Centre Pompidou offers this summer a wonderful exhibition in cooperation with the Museum of Fine Arts in Orleans where some of the masterpieces of the artist are kept. You’ll get to see many sculptures but also drawings made by Gaudier Brzeska.

Henri Gaudier Brzeska

You’ll love this trip to the past at a time when art was constantly changing and the avant-garde scene was trying to change mentalities. This young man has contributed to our artistic heritage in only 4 years of practice.

Come to the Beaubourg district and enjoy one the most fascinating exhibitions of this summer:  Henri Gaudier Brzeska. Rent apartments in Paris, you’ll be surprised at just how affordable it can be.

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