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The Valencian Tomatina Festival

Back in 1945 two Valencian boys fought by throwing tomatoes at each other. From that moment on was the start of what we know today as the Tomatina, one of the most famous Spanish festivals worldwide. The Tomatina is a battle of tomatoes. It’s hilarious : no bulls, no weapons ! Only thousands of tomatoes that are thrown among the congregated crowd. Everything takes in Buñol, close to Valencia on the last Wednesday of August. Every year this original festival attracts many young and enthusiastic people, searching for excitement and entertainment based on tomatoe throwing. During the lively battle, the participants have fun throwing tomatoes at everybody.


The party starts at 9 am in the Town Square where people can have a delicious breakfast courtesy of the Town Hall. Before the battle, a huge pile of tomatoes with a delicious Spanish cured ham on the top is setup. Among the general chaos, the boldest and bravest person will attempt to climb the tomato mountain to win the juicy prize. Meanwhile, some people throw water from the balconies to the participants, that are ready for the imminent battle. At eleven o’clock the fight begins.

A truck full of “red ammunition” announces its arrival with the sound of a horn. Those who are on the trailer open fire, throwing the first tomatoes at the participants. Everybody gets crazy and so the battle begins. Finally, the truck stops, drops its shipment, and everybody tries to take some tomatoes.

People are eager to get their “arms” and in a few seconds everything turns red. Many trucks full of tomatoes, continue dropping tomatoes until a second shot anounces the ends of the hostilities. Precisely at this moment the most difficult and arduous task is about to start: to clean the brave warriors whose mind is already on next year’s Tomatina festival !

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