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“Give me a wall so I can escape”, those words painted on the relics of the Berlin Wall became the founding sentence of graffiti as a means of expression. Urban nuisance or visual art? One sure thing, those new forms of art are blending in and are becoming part of a global culture to such an extent that famous institutions devote them exhibitions and shows. The Palais de Tokyo in Paris always claimed it’s avant-garde and offers young artists a 40m long wall called « L’Espace Graff ».


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The Palais de Tokyo is an art centre devoted since the very beginning of its creation to helping the audience get closer to the best of national and international contemporary creations. The art centre is open form noon until midnight and offers a real life experience. You’ll see conceptual art and surprising exhibitions that present art in a contemporary way. The centre hosts a laboratory for young artists to come and explore plastic creation. It’s a place for experimentation and freedom.

An exhibition called “Katharina Grosse, from Color field to Graffiti” was one of the many events organized by the museum; this art show invited the public to follow the artist’s conversion to urban art in a similar way that Picasso left classic painting for cubism. Such exhibitions a rare and graffiti is above all a street art so keep your eyes open for free urban art in train stations or city walls.

Urban art is quite trendy in 2009: TAG, an exhibition at the Grand Palais was so successful it was extended! Prestigious talents such as Dalek, and Mike Giant created a unique exhibition. Born in NYC, Dalek is a graffiti artist inspired by such diverse themes such as women and cranes. JonOne also had his own exhibition at Magda Danysz gallery for 3 weeks. And you’ll see lots of interesting street art forms at the Alexis Lartigue art gallery.

Come check out some new urban art in the French capital. For too long graffiti has been associated with delinquency, today, it is accepted as a form of art. Rent some of the best apartments in Paris and enjoy this living art that you’ll see from the street to the scene.

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