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The Gay Scene in Milan

The gay scene in Milan

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While the city of Milan, the second largest city in Italy and the centre of the Italian economy is not as beautiful as Rome, it does have the largest gay community across the country. Milan is the capital of the gay community par excellence and it is one of the coolest cities in the whole of Europe. Thus, countless gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people spend their holidays in this city that offers lots of fun, culture and love.


Milan, home of international fashion, enjoys part of its great success thanks to their gay customers. Although the major fashion designers try to avoid portraying a certain image of “gay lifestyle”, they include consciously gay issues in their collections to gain more popularity. Apparently what they call “sophisticated” is nothing else than “gay.” In the fashion Mecca there is the famous fashion triangle formed by Via Montenapoleone, Via Spiga and Via Gesu, where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of design: Gucci, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana to name a few.

However, Milan offers much more than fashion and expensive clothes. Countless gay clubs, bars and restaurants for all tastes and wallets are waiting for you! You’ll also find saunas, sex shops, sex clubs and gay-friendly hotels and apartments that will make your daily life quite exciting. In addition there are many tourist agencies that organize trips and excursions to special places for gay people. As you can see, both gays and lesbians will have a great time in this country.

Milan hides true treasures in the gay scene. Among the classic bars you’ll also find; The Afterline bar, Company and Ricci, while Binario Uno and Billy represent the most fashionable clubs of this cosmopolitan city. Those who prefer more the Trans night should have a look at the famous New Idea. If you prefer to spend a whole day in one of the Milanese hot saunas, go to Royal Hammam, where you’ll meet the most handsome guys around the world. Metro, Alexanders and Thermas saunas are the oldest in the city so they are used to having an older clientele. The cruising enthusiasts will find their paradise in the Crusing Canyon establishment and in the beautiful “Fossa dei Leoni” park, which is near the Stazione Cadorna. The river “Fiume Ticino” is another place to do cruising and it’s also a nudist point.

Milan for girls does not enjoy the same offerings as guys have but this does not mean that the lesbian scene is not caterd for. Lesbian nights at Sotto Giallo and Recycle bar are very popular and offer lots of fun and many beautiful girls to flirt. The Cicip and Ciciap restaurant are also very popular among the lesbian population.

The Gay Community is also very well represented in the media. There are two monthly magazines, “Pride Magazine” and “Babylon magazine” and the famous “Chiquito Gay Guide Italia“. The Babel library is the perfect place for intellectual lesbians and gays. Also, spectacular events are held each year waiting for its gay audience, such as the gay film festival and the Italian Gay Open Tennis.

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