Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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When there are still people who see tattoos and piercing as an aberration and a way of bodily injury, new extreme aesthetic trends that few dare to wear appear: the scarification, the implants and the mutilation. These techniques of body decoration are the most modern practices that adorn the human body; however, some of them have their origin in the most ancient and faraway civilizations of the world. In some big cities like Berlin they have been introduced gradually. Probably, as it has happened with tattoos and piercing, they will gain a wide acceptance in record time.


In the process of scarification, scars are formed by cutting or branding the skin. This technique is as old as the Mayan civilization, which used scarification for aesthetic purposes. Some African and American cultures also see these tattoos as a way of beauty. Today, people see the scarification as a simple aesthetic issue, but there are those who think that this is merely a way of self-mutilation.

Branding is a tattoo technique with similar results to scarification, but instead of cutting by scalpel, hot metal plates are used to burn the skin. This is a slow, laborious and very painful technique. The resulting scar is similar in both cases. While the more rounded the scar is, the more beautiful the tattoo is. Therefore, some people start the scabs or put vinegar on the wounds to provoke infections to get some volume on the tattoo.

Implants are a very recent body art with about 10 years of history. They are not yet fully accepted among society, but in United States they are spreading quickly. This technique consists of introducing pieces of surgical equipment of different composition under the skin to give it different forms: stars, hearts, horns… Usually, they are placed under the arms, chest or head, where the skin is more elastic.

The mutilations are without a doubt the new artistic technique that is less accepted by society. An example is to cut the tongue in a half to give the appearance of a snake’s tongue or to file the teeth to give them the aspect of vampire teeth.

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