Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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Barcelona, August, 15:00 in the afternoon. It is 34 degrees on the Barceloneta beach and on the sand hundreds of people are sunbathing. The heat is scorching and suddenly, in the distance, a young man wearing a winter hat, gloves and jacket enters into a bar close to the beach. We approached to discover if the boy in question had developed super powers, or if he was just crazy. How can he dress like that in August? And suddenly, everything fits. It’s the Ice Bar Barcelona! A bar made entirely out of ice where the temperature inside all year round is approximately -5 º C.

Now our clothing seems ridiculous: flip-flops, shorts and bikini is not the best attire to enter into a suddenly freezing winter ambient. Fortunately, there we are provided with warm clothing, hats and gloves (house standard and courtesy) to withstand the cold. The bar is lovely and it seems magical. A blue light fills the whole of the bar made entirely of ice: the chairs, the glasses, the tables… Everything is frozen!

The Ice Bar is open daily from 12:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. and offers an extensive menu of cocktails and tapas to enjoy the best flavours of the Mediterranean. And for those sensitive to the cold, there is no problem! Because it also has a terrace on the beach with incredible views!

After discovering the famous bar by chance, we decided to call all our friends to share the experience with them. If the group is larger than 6 people it is advisable to make a reservation, because the place is not very big and it may get filled up.

Would you like to discover new sensations? If so, you should visit the Ice Bar Barcelona. It’ll make you freeze! If you also want to enjoy a comfortable, cheap and central stay, rent the best apartments in Barcelona and discover why the city is the number one tourist destination in Spain.

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rone said...

It seems quite an interesting place to visit there for once in a life atleast.. The collective information increases an excitment to visit there and enjoy the ICE Bar in Barcelona..

How I can made reservation for it? Please update the information and also mention the charges and all...

Rone from Apartments Barcelona

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