Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baywatch and booze-ups! David Hasselhoff again in hospital | The Word Monster

Baywatch and booze-ups! David Hasselhoff again in hospital

The actor David Hasselhoff was hospitalized again because of his addiction to alcohol. It’s already the seventh time he’s been admitted over the last few years - he couldn’t resist the bottle.

Thanks to his 16 years old daughter Hayley, the actor is still alive. She found him drunk and unconscious lying on the floor of his home in Encino (California). Although Hayley is already used to seeing her father drunk, she was very shocked and acted immediately calling her mother Pamela Bach, ex-wife of David. Before the ambulance arrived, Hayley was slapping her father heavily around his face because she thought he was going to die. According to information of The Sun, the actor was barely breathing when they got him to the hospital.

The 57 year old American actor has been battling against alcoholism for a long time. But in uncountable occasions he just couldn’t resist the bottle. A lot of times he was hospitalized because of alcohol poisoning. For about two years his daughter filmed him while he was drunk lying on the floor and trying to eat a hamburger. With this video Hayley wanted to show her father, that his addiction had gone too far. The video has also has been seen all around the world on the internet, but David continues drinking.

Let’s hope that the worst doesn’t happen to him before the protagonist of Baywatch and Knight Rider finally wakes up and does something about his serious addiction.

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