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The Oktoberfest in Berlin: the Beer Paradise on Earth

Each time when we are thinking about a certain country, there comes a typical cliché to our mind. Meanwhile we associate France with baguette, Italy with pizza, Rusia with wodka, Spain with sangría and paella, the foreign countries relates Great Britain with bacon, eggs and beans. And what ocurrs us about Kartoffellandia, in other words Germany? Well it´s obvious: the beer! The Germans show us with more than 1.300 German breweries and 5000 different beer brands that they deserve their reputaton to be the beer paradise on earth. And to honour this title, each year the Germanic country offers you one of the most famous festival of the world: the Oktoberfest! But if you think that you have to go to Munich to discover this traditional festival, you´re completly wrong. The german capital is as well capable to organize one of the biggest festivals dedicated to the beer. Are you thirsty?

Oktoberfest in Berlín

Between the 2nd and the 18th of october Berlin will be transformed into the paradise of the most consumed beverage on our planet, the fresh and delightful beer. This year they already celebrate the 59th edition of the Oktoberfest in Berlin and as usual it will offer you a fantastic programme: the huge marque with traditional Bavarian decoration and a certain Berlinese touch, a spectacular fair with uncountable food and drink stands, carousels and attractions for old and young and a lot of more amazing things that you can only dream about. You can enjoy all this fantastic entertainment on the fairground at the Kurt-Schumacher-Damm in the district of Reinickendorf and you won´t have to pay anything for the entrance.
If you want to get to know the typical beer and food of Bavaria, you should go directly to the fairground where they spoil you with an uncountable variety of beverages and delicious dishes. You really should taste the famous Brez´n (salted bread pastry), Hax´n (roasted knuckle of pork), Leberkäs´(meatloaf made out of finely-ground liver and other meat) or the delicious Hend´l (roast chicken). And after all those culinary delights, what about a liquid dessert: a good and cold tankard of beer. You will enjoy all these fantastic things in an amazing atmosphere with traditional Bavarian brass-band-music which can persuade you to sway rhythmically with linked arms with your neighbors. This festival isn´t only perfect to get to know the German culture, but as well to meet a lot of new people from all of the world who comes together for celebrating and forgetting just for a moment their boring every day life.

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