Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Having Sex: The Best Medicine for the Health

Posted by milanblogger | milan | Thursday 17 September 2009 11:31 am

Attention, people! What we have always suspected is finally scientifically proven: practising sex is the best medicine for our health. Now we have another reason to enjoy more our sexual activities, because sex preserves both our physical and mental health.

sex and health

The experts looked at the 90’s and discovered a relationship between hormones, the nervous system and sex. They investigated how the hormones react between the nervous system and sex. A long time ago they concluded that dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin are neurotransmitters involved in the reaching of orgasm. The principal hormone to obtain the sensation of relaxation and of well-being is, without any doubt, the endorphin. Now then, these conclusions encouraged the scientists to continue investigating the effects that the sex produces in the human organism. The results will amaze you!

The first curiosity is that there is almost no difference between having sex alone or with company, because the satisfaction is the same in both cases. This fact is proved by the blood investigations. A person who just has had sex with his partner has the same blood composition as a person who has masturbated. A team of university experts in the USA has studied the relationship between sex and disease resistance. And again it has been proven that having sex is good for the health.

All aspects of sex such as desire, practising it, orgasm and relaxation produce in the human body countless biological advantages. If you practice sex at least twice a week – no matter if alone or not, the levels of immunoglobulin (proteins that protect the body from infection) increase by 30% according to scientific studies. This way, you enjoy a greater resistance to diseases and the wounds also heal faster.

Besides health factors, sex, or rather the chemical reactions that it produces, favour longevity. Sex cures depression, anxiety and increases the muscle and heart tone. We no longer need to go to the doctor or the pharmacy: intense moments in bed can be much more effective!

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