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Sitges Film Festival 09 | Apartments Blog

Red carpet, elegant dresses, movie stars, hundreds of camera flashes, the most handsome actors and beautiful actresses from around the world, famous directors… You’ll love it! Catalonia and the whole film world is ready to welcome the SITGES 09 Film Festival, the International Festival of Fantastic Cinema de Catalunya.

sitges film festival

This 42nd edition of the first fantasy film festival in the world will be held from October 2nd to October 12th. What began as a small event has become over the years one of the most important film festivals in Europe and also internationally. In previous versions we were able to enjoy great films and directors. Some of the more notable projected films have been David Lynch’s Blue Velvet (1986), Lars von Trier’s Europa (1993), The Ring by Hideo Nakata (1999), Vidocq of Pitof (2002) and Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino (2003).

This year the festival has “Alien” as its main topic to honour the 30th anniversary of the legendary film directed by Ridley Scott. [REC] 2 will open the Sitges Festival 2009. This year a high-quality program will leave you speechless. Apart from the projections of the most fascinating fantasy movies, you will witness a grand awards ceremony similar to that of the Oscars in Los Angeles. Stunning fantasy films will battle for the coveted prize to be awarded in different sections. Of the most prestigious awards belongs the “Maria Prize” that awards the best film, the best direction and the best actress and actor among others. Another is the “Màquina del Temps Prize” given to significant characters of fantastic and fantasy film; the “Gran Premi del Públic” to the best film according to the audience; the “Gertie Award” for the best short film and the best film, and also the important “Méliès d’Or Award” to the best European film in the fantasy genre.

If you are addicted to cinema, the Sitges Festival is truly a paradise for you. You will enjoy countless film productions, divided into different sections, such as the Oficial Fantàstic, the Orient Express, the Casa Asia, the Seven Chances or the Catalan Focus.

A few of the films that are scheduled to be projected are; Grace, Orphan, The Final Destination, Moon, Toy Story 3D, Crows II, etc. Another highlight of the festival will be the award of honour that will be presented to Malcolm McDowell, well known for his role as Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange (1971).

Apart from the impressive films and the famous film directors, the festival will offer a great program of activities such as concerts of different music genres and styles, creative workshops, interesting lectures, and so on.

Sitges, located a few kilometres from Barcelona, is one of the most beautiful places on the Catalan coast and it is famous for its beautiful beaches. It is simply the best opportunity to combine the spectacular film festival with your holidays in this charming Catalan capital. Rent apartments in Barcelona at the best price. Three, two, one, ACTION!

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