Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Madrid lives on the streets-- Blog about Madrid

Madrid lives on the streets

Madrid’s streets are teeming with life. The bustle and chaos take over the entire city. Madrid lives in the squares, in the parks, on the subways, in the streets… They have no shame: they are the professionals who live thanks to the money of the humble passerby… And what are their jobs? They are musicians, painters, actors, dancers, etc. Anything is ok if it is done on the street! They are street artists.

Madrid street artists

The street musicians are one of the most acclaimed outdoors artists. With their music they entertain the people on subway stations, squares and streets. Like everywhere, there are good, bad and regular musicians and nothing has to do with the fact that he’s a street artist. Maybe the best music in Madrid is not on sale on the shelves of a department store, but in a corner of the Retiro Park.

The street painters are one of the most beloved and oldest professions in the capital. The Retiro Park and the Plaza Mayor are two of the places where these artists paint the world in black and white with their pencils… Their cartoons and landscapes are not as valuable as a Kandinsky, but they are much deeper and heartfelt. Their canvases emanate pure life and humanization.

Some people think that interpretation and the street do not go hand in hand. But one of the street performances that arouse more wonder and expectation are the mimes. Everybody is captivated by the amazing skills of those human statues, which often seem to be made of stone.

Some of the latest trends on the street are break dance and hip-hop dancers. They take over the streets of the capital and execute incredible pirouettes under the watchful eye of a very devoted audience.

All these forms of street art take place every day in Madrid: mimes, musicians, painters and dancers etc. without a shadow of a doubt the street artists revalue the public spaces and enrich the cultural patrimony of the cities. Rent Apartments in Madrid and enjoy its rich street art.

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