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Gothics in Rome: A Urban Tribe

September 02, 2009 By: romeblogger Category: Rome

Today the Gothic subculture is associated with the Goth music and fashion. In fact, young people who are fans of the gothic genre, usually dress in black, and use makeup with colours like black, dark blue or dark red. The Gothic music is composed of different styles, but the trend it usually follows are dark and gloomy sounds. The clothes are a mixture of punk fashion, gothic dresses, androgynous clothes or inspired in the Renaissance and Victorian fashion, or even a combination of all these styles.

From the beginning of the 80’s up to the 90’s, the members of the Gothic movement were called Grufties (creatures of the tomb) and they emerged in Germany. In fact, they were a fusion of the gothic genre and the New Romantic influence. With this merger, there arose the first stage of the dark culture, later re-baptized as the Darkwave culture. These young people love punk music, which over the years has evolved assuming new forms. Today we can say that this cultural movement is known as the Gothic culture. The gothic fashion is often confused with the heavy metal fashion, especially when they dress in black trench coats or use corpse paint, that is often associated with black metal music. They are also confused with the emo urban tribe, especially those who wear black sweatshirts and converse shoes. To clarify the term, the Gothics are those who dress in a Victorian style.

Like in many other big cities, in Rome there are many young people who love this genre, and because of that there are many gothic shops and restaurants.

We may mention some places to visit if you’re in the beautiful city of Rome, such as: Noche Krypta gótico, Jungla Club, Konfession, Velvet Club, Negro salida… But there are not only clubs to spend unforgettable nights out in Rome, there are also incredible shops and great flea markets to buy something new and gothic.

If you’re a Gothic fashion fan or even if you are simply curious to discover a new lifestyle or genre, rent the best apartments in Rome. You will certainly learn more about the gothic urban tribes!

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