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What happens when a couple packs for holidays?

Posted by paris | paris | Monday 14 September 2009 10:43 am

Honey, did you put the sunscreen in the suitcase and the soft tissues to wipe your brow, and the hair dryer? I guess you’ve also taken the 5 sleep shirts I bought you with all my love…

The list of questions seems endless. Sure you can imagine the situation: her attitude sets his nerves on edge, telling him what to wear and as devastating as a hurricane she rummages through her closet looking for the perfect holiday  luggage. He tries to ignore her for weeks, but now is the critical moment: he sits quietly on the bed surrounded by a pile of clothes and bags. And again we find the typical difference between women and men at the moment of packing: men take what they need, and women all they have.


Don’t worry so much about travelling with your mate! It will surely be a wonderful experience if you try to understand your girlfriend or boyfriend. When packing, men and women are completely different. It seems a very normal thing in human nature.

According to representative surveys, women need 44% additional time to prepare the things they need to take and 26% more time to pack. While women spend more than a week doing some preparations, men do them in just one day. It seems that the men do not worry so much for leaving an important thing at home when they go on holidays, since 32 % pack without having elaborated a previous list, but more with the pure intuition. Then, women need 3.39 hours because females are usually more careful with their clothes, while men usually think: “this shirt will wrinkle anyhow when I go to the beach”.

Regarding your holiday luggage contents, we all know all these topics which have also been demonstrated in several studies. On average, most women carry more than 50 garments for a two weeks trip, while men limit themselves to just 20. Women fill their bags with countless sets of trousers, jackets, skirts, thousands of bikinis, blouses, shoes, stockings, not to mention the countless personal toiletries, makeup, hair iron… Quite the opposite of men’s bags, which take the necessary: one pair of trousers, three or four shirts, a swimsuit, some underwear, not forgetting the iPod and the digital camera!

Anyway, everybody has the right to take all they want and at the end of it, it’s the poor men who have to carry the heavy baggage of their women.

Although while you’re packing you can have a serious fight with your partner, don’t forget you’ll have a great time during the trip! Without a doubt, Paris is the city par excellence for an unforgettable, romantic and charming holiday! Rent Apartments in Paris: the best alternative for a cheap and comfortable accommodation with lots of space for the extra baggage!

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