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Autumn Festival 2009 in Rome | rome blog

Autumn Festival 2009 in Rome

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Summer holidays are almost over… But don’t worry! Finally the famous autumn festivals of Rome are coming, to celebrate the start of a new season. A lot of countries have festivals and traditional feasts to celebrate the arrival of autumn. We change our eating habits and slowly people start to adapt to a new rhytmn, aware of the fact that vacation is over. They go back to work, children back to school, etc….

Autumn Festival 2009 in Rome

But the end of summer doesn’t mean that everything ends, that there are no more parties and we should all stay in home to watch television. In fact, this is only the beginning of new times and new parties! Millions of festivals are about to start, where you can taste local wines and not to forget traditional autumn specialities like chestnuts. Let yourself be swept away by the enchanting scenery of little villages between the hills, mountains or simply by the streets that are filling with new people and different smells. You will love it!

Around this time, a lot of villages near the Italian capital host interesting fairs and autumn festivals. In general everything is organized untill the smallest detail, with regional food, typical music and performances. If you haven’t experienced one of these celebrations, you haven’t lived the true Roman tradition. Rome and her surroundings offer you a wide range of traditional feasts and folklore.

For example, 29th of september, the inhabitants of Marino celebrate the Grape Festival. Marino is the site of the Roman castles, a little town about 37 Km from Rome. This festival has been held since 1930, but its roots date back to 1571 when the fleet of the “Holy Alliance”, led by Captain Marcantonio Colonna, defeated the Turks. The grapes are carried through the streets in big wagons, and later handed out. This happening is accompanied by lots of cultural events and shows.
Meanwhile, from 23rd of october until 26th of october the ‘Sarga de la castaña’ is taking place – the festval of chestnuts. The city of Segni (65 Km from Rome) celebrates this festival every year because chestnuts are considered very nutritive. The festivities take place along the main street, where the shops and wineries offer local products. During night there is live music, and you can see some funny skits.

So what do you think? Looking forward to an autumn break and visit the beautiful city of Rome? Rent the best apartments in Rome, and discover not only the magic of the eternal city, but as well its surroundings.

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