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Gay Rome

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While it’s true to say that the Italian gay movement is still lethargic compared to their Western European neighbours, it is also true that it is slowly emerging despite the presence and influence of the Catholic Church. In recent years Rome has noticed an increasing tolerance toward the gay community. So much so, that in 2007 the first gay street was inaugurated in the city. Over time many new gay bars have opened, too.

Good proof of the increasing visibility of the gay world is the celebration of the Gay Village festival, one of the more consolidated gay events you’ll find across Europe. From September 3rd to September 5th all kinds of activities related to the gay scene are celebrated: from theatre, through concerts, movie passes, parties etc.

The famous Roman “Gay street” is located in the central San Juan de Letrán street, near the Colosseum, and it supposed a great triumph for the gay community that had a new place where to meet together. Now hundreds of gays and lesbians spend their weekend nights in this famous “Gay Street”.

Other gay clubs or bars in the capital are: the L’Alibi (Via di Monte Testaccio, 40), a classic with over 40 years of history where the best house music is played; the Coming Out (Via San Giovanni in Luterano, 8); is a mixed bar with most pleasant atmosphere and where many events are held. The Hangar (Via in Selci 69) deserves a special mention because it was the first gay bar in the city. With an international and hot atmosphere, it appears in all the tourist guides of the city and is always full! The Max Bar (Via Achille Grande, 7) has a very varied public and from all ages; the Frutta e Verdura After Hour (Via Placido Zurla, 68) is the most popular gay club in Rome; finally, the Apeiron (Via dei Quattro Cantón, 5) is an exclusively men’s bar where men perform strip-tease. It is necessary to have an annual pass to get in.

But Rome hides many other attractions besides its gay life. Its incredible archaeological remains will leave you speechless: the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain or the Roman ruins are just some of its many wonders. Not to mention its delicious cuisine! Stay in these apartments in Rome, the best and cheapest in the whole city.

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Patroc Roma said...

Update 2009: The Apeiron bar is closed, and the Frutta e Verdura After Hour club is now in Rome Testaccio at Via di Monte Testaccio 94.

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