Friday, September 4, 2009

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“Going Underground” Short Film Festival in Berlín

The subway is not just a public transport, but also a particular world. To discover the mysterious tunnels and the subterranean life under the asphalt of Berlin – one of the most charming and cosmopolitan capitals of Europe, is a real adventure. This underground place is also a perfect place to host one of the most creative film festivals in the world: Going Underground, the International Short Film Festival will be held between 9th and 15th September in the Berlin subway.

As usual, and for the eighth consecutive time, the Berlin subway will become in an ambulant cinema. For an entire week the best short films (produced by different artists from around the world) will be played on more than 3768 screens throughout the subway stations and in the same subway cars. This way, the 1.5 million daily passengers will enjoy a week full of fun and creativity. It is a perfect combination of everyday life and the art world.

The festival does not merely aim to entertain the viewers, but also will hold a competition. The short films will compete for the first prize, rewarded with a check between 3,000 and 10,000 €. The jury is composed of the most critical people of the cinema industry and the spectators. During your subway trip you can vote for your favourite short film.

The 2009 is a very special year for Germany as it marks the 20th anniversary of the Wall’s fall. The festival takes advantage of this opportunity and it adds a special section to the competition, “1989 UP AGAINST THE WALL”.

With this new festival’s category the organizers want to commemorate one of the highlights of German history. With this new category the festival organizers want to commemorate one of the most important moments of the German history. Eight productions have dealt the Wall issue in their short films.

They created this festival in 2002 when the short films were losing the public attention. The “Going Underground” is organized by the Berliner Fenster and the Interfilm Berlin with the aim of bringing closer the short film to the daily life of the society. Over the last eight years, the festival enjoyed great international recognition by the public, but also by experts, artists, professionals and the press world. In a little time the Going Underground Festival, the first film festival in the subway, has become one of the most popular festivals of the world.

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