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Fiesta merce barcelona 2009 | Apartments Blog

Huge giants walking through the streets, dragons spitting firer, devils dancing around, mysterious creatures, people building human towers… If you think that I’m talking about a nice children’s story, then you’re completely wrong. Like each year in September, Catalonia’s capital turns into a dream world of fantasy. Come on, prepare yourself, because the Mercè 2009 is already knocking on the door!

Between the 23rd and 27th of September you can dive into the infinite universe of music, all kinds of art, as well as into the world of the most important traditional events of the Catalan culture. Barcelona will present you as each year the last big festival before the beginning of autumn. The celebrations of the Mare de Déu de la Mercè is the so called Fiesta Mayor, the festival of the festivals which will everyone with hundreds of events and activities spread out through the whole city.

There are many Catalan traditions which remain to the highlights of the festival. The so called castells, for example, will be taken place in a variety of different public places (such as on the famous Plaça St.Jaume where the town hall is). There you will see with your own eyes people building incredible human towers.

The Correfoc is another spectacular event. It’s a cultural and traditional parade in Catalonia where during the night uncountable persons get dressed up as scary demons and creatures which will be dancing and jumping through the spectacular fireworks and firecrackers. You will be part of a breathtaking ceremony full of energy, happiness and vibrant rhythms.

The parades with the famous gegants (huge giants of paper mache) remain to the long traditional history of Catalonia which you will see a lot of times during the week of the Mercè. So you will enjoy a unique and special atmosphere accompanied by traditional flute and drum music. It’s just an amazing event of happiness and satisfaction.

The extraordinary festivals programme seems to be infinite. The Mercè organizes an entertaining programme of the Mediterranean and Catalan culture on a lot of public enchanting places of Barcelona. Apart from the traditional events, you can choose between street art, uncountable concerts, traditional dances, etc.. And to enjoy all those beautiful things you won’t have to pay any ticket, because the Mercè is completely gratis. Barcelona will be transformed into heaven on earth.

If you want to get to know Barcelona in a different extraordinary way, then you only should organize your vacations for September. An entertaining and breathtaking programme is waiting for you. Rent the best apartments in Barcelona and spend an unforgettable week in Catalonians capital

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