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What do you know About Sex? Interesting Curiosities About the Most Pleasant Amusement of the World

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Sex is a real mystery and hides a lot of secrets which we still haven´t discovered. If you think that you´re an expert of the erotic world, then you will surely find out some surprising news. The most pleasant amusement of the world doesn´t only mean sexual relations or masturbation, but it involves as well a lot of interesting aspects for the science. So, let´s see how much do you know about sex….

What do you know about sex

Let´s begin with very positive news for the feminine world: women eating chocolate are more often stimulated. Yes, girls, you´ve gotten it right, you can eat chocolate as much as you want to without having a bad conscience. Different studies approve that eating the sweetist temptation of the world causes a more directly stimulation of the nerve endings. „Chocolate for Love“, these are some good news, indeed.

What men always have known intuitively, now is scientifically proved: men can have a completely erection within only 10 seconds. While women are a little bit more „complicated“ and need some more stimulation on an intellectual level, for men only a visual stimulation is enough and the erection is already knocking on the door. According to scientifically investigations the male body has its first erections during the last months of pregnancy, to say when it is still a fetus. These natural bents of the human body could be the reason for the fact that a men ejaculate approximately 7.200 times in his life, from which 2.000 times are due to masturbation. But nevertheless, the female body produces as well little portions of testosterone which increases the sexual desire. For that reason it doesn´t seem to be strange that 1% of women can have an orgasm only because of stimulating their nipples. So, let´s hope that those women will tell us their successful secret.

If we consider some historical facts related to sex, then we can be very happy to live in the society of the 21st century: starting with the fact that during hundreds of years, the catholic church only tolerated the missionary position; over Rome, where adultery was punished with the amputation of the nose; or the antique Greece, where people adored little penises and thought that the big ones aren´t very aesthetics; up to the year of 1884 when in England they put women, who had refused to have sex with their husbands, into prison. As you can see, the sexual attitude has been getting changed during history.

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