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The film world is in a state of flux. One of the most criticized and controversial inventions of the twentieth century is, without doubt, dubbing. Some people are in favour but some hate to hear a voice so unnatural that, most of the time, it doesn’t even match the moving lips of the actor. Because of this, there has been a tendency for cinema in their original languages lately. So nowadays, there are plenty of film festivals in OV. If you are interested in this topic and in the world of cinema in general, you shouldn’t miss Cineambigú in Barcelona, a series of films in their original versions.


Some of the contemporary movies will be shown for the very first time. The most striking entries of international movie festivals, the best documentaries and productions that went straight to DVD and independent films in original version with Spanish subtitles (VOSE). The current cycle begins in October, and there is a long list of premieres planned for the coming months. the place to be to catch these films is the alternative cinema Verdi Park in Barcelona, every Tuesday.

This event saw the light in 1994 in Barcelona, thanks to the organization 10.000 Retinas. They wanted the people to have easy access to films in original version, which was a difficult process and something completely new in Spain. Over the past years they managed to maintain a stable program and organize a vast number of events. Their hard work paid of and in 2001 they were awarded the Sant Jordi Cinema award, for the best scheduling in original version. Besides Cineambigú, they also organise the Asian Film Festival (BAFF) and Cine sin techo.

For sure you will discover some cinematic pearls that, without this festival, you never would have heard of. This year awaits you a spectacular schedule with “YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH” (USA, 2007) by Francis Ford Coppola, “OF TIME AND THE CITY” (UK, 2008) by Terence Davies, “THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD” (USA, 2009) by Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno and much, much more.

If you are a film fan, don’t miss out on this important event. It is a major opportunity to combine a dream stay in the charming Catalan capital with a fantastic cultural event. Rent the best apartments in Barcelona for a comfortable and affordable stay.

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