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Cannabis, a Natural Therapy

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Nowadays Cannabis is the subject of endless debates and discussions, and opinions differ. Fact is that Cannabis has been used for therapeutical and medicinal reasons ancient times. Throughout history, we see that several societies used Cannabis for treatments. Whether it was as an anti-inflammatory, painkiller or anti-pyretic, Cannabis was always seen as a natural medicine. Shamans consumed cannabis before starting special ceremonies, to make contact with spirits from the other world.


Currently, scientists are doing a lot of investigation on the positive effects of Cannabis for treatment of certain diseases. But experts warn about abuse, since consumption might cause a serious addiction. Therefore consumption is prohibited in most countries, although sometimes there is made an exception for medical therapies.

To continue with the investigations in an efficient way, scientists should have easier access to cannabis. But because of the illegality of the substance in many countries, investigations drag on very long, which raises the cost significant. This is a serious problem which makes investigators lose valuable time and influences the relevancy of the results. However, politicians are more willing to collaborate with scientific projects, as well as many governments who seek to provide more support in this matter.

General opinion is depending much on the country and society. Spain for example, is pretty open-minded and tolerant about the consumption of Cannabis. In Catalonia in particular there are many actions to attempt the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes. If you want to see for yourself how open-minded and tolerant the inhabitants of the Catalonian Capital are, why not rent an apartment in Barcelona? Enjoy a splendid holiday!

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