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Madrid v Barcelona - more than just football | Apartments Blog

Madrid and Barcelona are not only eternal rivals when it comes to football, but they also maintain a passionate fight for the title of being the best Spanish city. The discussions continue and the battle is not over yet, since both cities are enchanting but also incredibly stubborn. Madrid vs. Barcelona; which one provokes more passion?


First we have to point out that they have many similarities. Both are capital cities: Madrid being the capital of Spain and Barcelona being the capital for the region of Catalonia. Both have a big population, more than 3.200.000 Madrilènes and 1.700.000 Barcelonans and the two of them are strong economical centres. Now let’s think about the preferences of both tourists and locals, what are the differences?

Starting with culture and arts, what can we say about their museums? You have to admit that the Catalan capital can be proud of some important venues like the Picasso or Dalí museum, La Pedrera and the National Art museum of Catalonia (MNAC). But these cannot beat the most prestigious museum in all of Spain and one of the best in Europe: The Prado. Madrid is fortunate to have one of the most significant art museums in the world today. Other examples are the Queen Sofia and the Thyssen-Bornemisza museums. Without a doubt, the first point goes to Madrid!

Moving on to their architecture, we don’t have to tell you that the roots of modernism lie in Barcelona, thanks to Antoni Gaudí and his friends. Wandering through the enchanting streets of the city centre and by chance running into a building straight from a fairy tale… This is only possible in Barcelona. Goooaaaaaal! That’s one goal a piece!

Considering the people of both cities, opinions differ. While they say that madrilènes are more arrogant, posh and proud, Barcelonans are considered to be mean Catalan extremists. But we are not going to talk about these prejudiced stereotypes. Like in every place around the world, you have people of all kinds, so this one’s a tie!

The list of comparable items seems endless: starting with the parks, the Parque del Retiro or Parque Guell, passing onto the typical food, cocido madrilñeño or pa amb tomàquet to geography, mountains or beach.

After all, we know it’s not only football that decides which is the best Spanish city. Who you don’t go see for yourself which one you prefer? Start with the capital and separate fact from fiction. Rent the best apartments in Madrid for an interesting stay, in what might be the best city of Spain.

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