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Our little freaky planet of world records | Valencia Blog

Our little freaky planet of world records

What’s the best way to relax and do something completely senseless? Well, that’s easy: watching TV. Everyday we switch on the one-eyed monster without any great expectations. However, what we see each day leaves us speechless: a woman smashing watermelons with her breasts; a man putting more than 200 clothes pegs on his face; a priest hitting another priest during a wedding…The world seems to be getting more and more freaky with all those records and crazy news.


The Guinness Book of Records maintains unquestionably the funniest categories regarding kooky ideas from around the world. The history of the Guinness World Records is infinite and astonishes us with the craziest records and ideas. Last year they celebrated the international day of world records where more than 300.000 persons from over 15 different countries participated. For a whole day we could enjoy the freakiest records ever: starting with New Zealand where they tried to peel and eat a kiwi within seconds; or the USA, where the person with the longest rasta hair lives; or finally the record by Ruth Reynolds, a sexy model from the UK, who managed to kiss 42 men in only 30 seconds.

The world records are divided into many different categories, like for example “Human Body” where we find the woman with the longest fingernails; or as well the section “Arts & Media” where the singer and songwriter Katie Melua holds the record in giving the deepest concert under the sea level (303 metres under the North Sea); the category “science and technology” surprises us with the smallest cinema in the world which measures only 71.52m2 and has a sheet as the screen; or furthermore there is the section of “Natural World” which shows us the highest jump of a dog (172,7cm).

Besides this huge variety of extraordinary records, the media and press leave us speechless each day because of the numerous pieces of freaky news from all over the world. So, we can buy a sexy beer in Germany, where a Bavarian brewer dressed in skimpy clothing fabricates a kind of erotic beer; or some curious news from China, where couples want to get married under invented dramatic circumstances, like war situations; or the disgusting discovery of frog bones in a Pepsi can. Each day the world is getting more and crazier.

One of the freakiest cites in Spain is without any doubt Valencia. The city of arts and science offers you numerous spectacular events and festivals like for example the famous tomatina (tomato fight). Discover the most beautiful places of that city on the Iberian Peninsula. Rent the best apartments in Valencia and dive into the crazy world in Spain.

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