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Tattoos – an art form that is past, present and future

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Tattoos are as old as mankind itself. And if not, what is a Neolithic mummy doing with 57 tattoos on his back? It will surprise you that the Polynesians were the first, not only to tattoo themselves but also to use tattoos as body ornaments.

But tattoos have evolved a lot since their first appearance: not only their main functions as well as the drawings itself and of course the technique. In Japan it is seen as a true form of art, in North America it stands for maturity, in ancient Greece and Rome is was a social stigma and in Egypt tattoos were believed to attract the supernatural, while nowadays it is a way to decorate our body and be unique. The technique is now so perfect that a good tattoo is considered pure art.


Right now, the culture of tattoos is perfectly integrated in our society; it’s almost strange to see bodies without tattoos, especially among youngsters. All ages and social classes have become tattoo fans! Because of this, a lot of successful fairs and conventions on the subject of tattoos have been organised. But there is one that really stands out, the International Tattoo Convention of Berlin, organised since 1991. Every year the world’s best tattoo artists find their way to the German Capital, since this city if the birthplace of tattoos on the old continent.

There are people who consider their tattoos a way of life, others just see it as decoration and some think of it as scarring the body. But according to anthropologists, tattoos give people a certain image; it shows we are part of a group or community.

The rules have been tightened a lot regarding shops and tattoo studios. They should use disposable instruments for single use, unpack them only in the presence of the client and be perfectly sterilized. In addition, tattoo artists should be vaccinated against hepatitis B, tetanus and diphtheria, and show that they have completed a training 30 hours regarding health and hygiene issues.

What is your opinion? Do you like tattoos? Maybe you even have some yourself? A well-thought out and good design can result in a beautiful and attractive tattoo. Tattoos are fashion, but this is clearly not just a trend or hype. Take a trip to Berlin and discover the latest tendencies.

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