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New Trends For Autumn 2009 - Time to change your look!

Posted by paris | paris | Thursday 22 October 2009 10:40 am

Summer, the season of relaxation and leisure has left us and with the arrival of Autumn 2009 we get back into our daily routines and at the same time we prepare ourseleves for new challenges in our professional and personal lives. We should all agree that there is nothing better than feeling good with oneself: So why not to change our look? If you are not a great fashion expert or you’ve never read articles about what is fashionable, we will give you a little help in trying to summarize the latest trends for this Autumn 2009.


Let strart with the hair! It is time to change that sober hairstyle! Girls, get ready to take out the curlers and the hairspray because this Autumn/Winter season the bulky 80s hairstyles are back in fashion - full of waves and curls. There remains a classic style where the hair is tied back in a pony tail to reveal the face with an original touch, like double bows and pigtails. For the boys short hair is still predominante but using the imagination to create originality.

And what can be said about makeup? It should be striking of course: red lipstick is mandatory! Depending on your character you can choose different tones: hot red for the bold or softer and pink tones for the timid among us.

Also, regarding our clothes, it’s back to the 80’s. On the catwalks around the world bright colours prevail: orange, cobalt blue, green, yellow, violet, red or orange. Jackets with big shoulder pads have also made a reappearance. Another element that is gaining importance is leather, and not only for the accessories. Special skins such as crocodile skin predominate. Dare to buy a leather skirt, you will surely win in the sensuality stakes. Or maybe you prefer a pair of boots. These trends also apply to the guys: on the catwalks the male models wear boots that reach the knees over tight trousers. For those who prefer a more casual style, they should go with denim: not only jeans that are always in fashion, but also shirts and jackets.

Have you seen in your mind’s eye your new image? Take inspiration in the latest trends! It is time to go shopping! But we’re not talking about the same shops as always! Why not spend a few days in Paris? It is a European capital of fashion! Do not worry about the accommodation either: apartments in Paris is the best solution for every budget.

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