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The Beauty and the Women

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The beauty is ephemeral and subjective. Or is it possible to find a unique criterion as far as beauty is concerned? Both in art as in life, beauty is relative. What I consider beautiful, my neighbour does not like it, my friend loves it and my cousin sees it awful.
The beauty ideals have evolved as much as the mankind history. Every era has had its canons, each country prefers different stereotypes and each person has it own beauty perceive.

Beauty, Women, Malaga

When one thinks about beauty and human body almost always women’s images come to the mind… The female beauty issue is one of the oldest in the history. There have been always representations of the supposed perfect woman: starting with the ancient Venus and other muses, to the perfect women representations of our times. Nowadays women – but also increasingly men – are bombarded with constant messages of the perfect ideal to which all should aspire: rachitic girls without forms or explosive women with silicone breasts.

Though finally the individual criterion is the most raw, there are common factors that are given in the different territories: for example, in Spain and Italy men prefer women with pronounced curves and with brown hair, in Germany they prefer blong, tall and thin women.

But what happens when you ask women questions about themselves perceptions of beauty? The results are revealing: 93% of women think that if a woman feels emotionally secure it notices in her external beauty. The more secure you are with yourself, the prettier you feel. Meanwhile, 92% believe that beauty has to do with a positive attitude and good spirits and not just with the mere physical aspect. Moreover, 89% agreed with the idea that an attractive woman does not have a perfect beauty. Finally, 47.2% associated the beauty with the external aspect, 38.8%, with the overall care, and 26.6% with feelings.

Anyway, the beauty and its ideal will always follow us. The society will evolve and the beauty concept will change with it. People use to say that one of the world’s most beautiful women are the Andalusian… Would you like to check it? Rent Apartments in M├ílaga and discover why they have that reputation

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