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One Night Stands - Your place or mine?

Society has changed tremendously over the years and and has now nothing to do with the time of our grandparents and great grandparents. Whereas 80 years ago everybody thought that the women would become pregnant after having looked deeply into a man’s eyes, nowadays everyone, young or adult, are real experts regarding sex, and they enjoy total sexual freedom. What before meant a commitment for the rest of your life, has today turned into a one-night stand. So, commitment or a one-night stand, what do you prefer?


It seems that the one-night stands are in fashion. If you are single and you want to have some fun, you just have go to a pub or nightclub and meet somebody. More and more people go out to party with the goal of having sex. We can define today’s world as an ephemeral culture: everybody does what they want. This is the lifestyle we have adopted. Most people are very informal and focus on the fun. Even the appearance of potential candidates is an increasingly minor role. Conventional appointments are replaced by one-night stands, because they are more much easier than traditional dating: you don’t bring flowers or talk about your hobbies, or spend much money on a romantic dinner. When both parties feel a good vibe and agree to a one night stand, ¡E voilĂ !

Another curiosity is how different languages denominate the concept of “sex without commitment”. The different terms in each language can tell us a lot about every society’s views about sex without commitment. If we start with the passionate Italians we will see that they are very open-minded people as they use the expression “botta e via ” (in and out). English people are a bit more reserved and talk about the famous one-night-stand. The Germans seem to be even more conservative and they have no particular word and therefore take advantage of the English expression. If we commit infidelity, the Polish speak about moralniak ( “moral hangover”), the German’s say Seitensprung (”jump to other side”), the French about a coup d’un soir or a sex plan and the British dramatize it a bit with the words walk of shame. Anyway, we can see that every culture and every country has its own way of naming these trends in sexual attitudes.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a commitment or a one-night stand, in Berlin you can get what you want. To have a perfect and cheap accommodation rent apartments in Berlin and remember what Woody Allen once said: “Sex without love is an empty experience, but, as empty experiences go, it’s one of the best“.

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