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Lisbon by night

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The city of Fado is preparing itself for another long night. Under a burning sunset, some of the bars of the Chiado neighbourhood are already opening their doors for a few early birds who cannot wait for day to become night and start dancing, drinking and fooling around. Thanks to its extensive opening hours and large offer, Lisbon earned the reputation of European night capital. Party people, Lisbon is the city you are looking for!

lisbon at night

The best area or neighbourhood to start the night is without doubt the Barrio Alto a favourite among the Lisbon people. Enjoy the traditional bars were they sing live Fado, or discover the authentic Portuguese pubs throughout the city. The alleys are crammed with enchanting little bars with a very typical ambience. If the bar is full, people stand outside, with their glass in their hand, and continue their animated conversation. It’s only around 4AM, when the pubs in this part of Lisbon close, that the people go home.

If you want to get a taste of the more authentic Lisbon, head to Alfama. This neighbourhood is where the sad and melancholic Fado music was born. It has sort of a bohemian atmosphere, romantic even. Don’t expect any modern, big discotheques here, but nothing is more fun then just wandering through the narrow streets.

Thoso who like to go wild on a night out, the new place to be is the barrio de Docas, just east off the 25th of April bridge. Here you will find the modern and fashionable places. It used to be an industrial area, and now it’s the most popular party zone of all Lisbon, with all types of music and all kinds of places. The discotheque Kremlin (Rua Escadinhas da Praia, 5) or the Kapital (Avenida 24 de Julio, 68) are popular, as well as the famous Lux (Rua Gustavo Matos Sequeiro, 42) owned by John Malkovich.

Are you looking for something more original, maybe even exotic? Then the African discotheque B.Leza (Conde Barão, 50) is just the thing for you. For more than 12 years they play the best Afro-Portuguese music from past and present.

Also interesting to go out is the Parque das Naçoes, the site of the World Expo, where the main concerts, events and festivals are held. And if you still have some money left after all of this, the Casino de Estéril is one of the biggest in Europe.

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