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What you Shouldn´t Miss in Rome

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Rome is just a real fantastic historical city with a huge offer of cultural events: concerts, film festivals, expositions, book fairs, etc.. But we shouldn’t forget the fact that Rome is as well as Milan the Italian city of the fashion world. Each year in July the famous Spanish Steps at the Piazza di Spagna turns into the centre of the international fashion world. Uncountable important designers, like Armani, Valentino, etc. as well as young new talents show you their new creations.

do not miss rome

Cinema is a further protagonist of the cultural life in the eternal city. Rome, the capital of the international film industry where uncountable amazing movies have been shot, organizes important Film festivals, like the Rome International Film festival which in Mid-October presents and awards interesting film productions of different countries.

Of course, it isn´t necessary to mention that Rome is a real paradise for each fan of archaeology and arts, because the eternal city offers you uncountable options to visit, like museums, art galleries, expositions…Another important event, that you shouldn´t miss, is the so called Musei di Sera (the night of museums) which makes it possible for tourists and the Romans to visit significant museums, like for instance the Vatican Museums, the Ara Pacis Museum or the Centrale Montemartini, during the night. A further highlight is the spectacular Notte Bianca (white night) which is organized each year in Mid-September in Rome and offers you an extensive calendar of events: concerts, contemporary art, spectacles, theater, dance, fireworks….

Another event in September that you shouldn´t miss is the Oro Capital Event. It´s a exposition dedicated to jewellery, silverware and clockmakers´ tradition. Between the 23rd of September and the 2nd of December the theater and arts are again the main protagonists of the cultural roman landscape: the Roma Europa Festival welcomes important personalities of the creative world of dance, theater, music and literature.

The concerts of the 1st of may are for each fan of rock and pop music absolutely obligatory. Of course, the concerts are for free and the famous artists of the Italian music scene play only for you.

Regarding to historical music locations we should mention Gilda, Alien and the discotheque Piper Club in the district of Salario, which was opened in 1965 and organized fantastic concerts of at these times still unknown artists, like Lucio Battisti, Patty Pravo, etc.. Nowadays you can enjoy the performances of new talents and promising newcomer bands. An alternative to the discotheques are the so called discopubs, like Arcadia, Vamp or Cuccagna.

If you want to visit Rome, then you shouldn´t miss the opportunity to get to know the famous „aperitivo all’italiana”. In this regard we should mention the local Freni e Frizioni in the district Trastevere where you can choose, after ordering a refreshing drink or a delicious glass of wine, between uncountable types of salads, plates of cus-cus, pasta and desserts.

And for relaxing between all these amazing events, there´s no better option than the comfortable and cheap apartments in Rome. Let your dreams come true during your stay in the Italian capital!

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