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Laughter therapy, the best remedy for good health

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Unfortunately, our daily life is marked by stress. Every day we think about our work or about school or university and just about everything else that we have to do in the least possible time. It’s hardly surprising that with so much pressure we can hardly manage a smile or a laugh during the day. But countless scientific studies show us that the smiles and laughters have supernatural powers: they reactivate our organic functions and release tension from the body. Healing our bodies by attacks of laughter? What do you think about it?


To laugh is good for the health: it relaxes the muscles, releases stalled emotions and also hapiness hormones. Children are the masters of this type of expression because they laugh 400 times a day, according to scientific studies. Adults, however, only laugh about 15 times per day. According to the experts, adults have to take the example from the children, because too much seriousness is no good for our health.

Over 400 different muscles are activated when we laugh. This strengthens various important body systems, such as the muscles, the heart, the nervous system, the digestive and the cerebral system. A smile creates two processes: stimulation and subsequent deep relaxation. This way, a laugh manipulates the body exercising the muscles of the torso, the arms, the shoulders, the abdomen, the legs, etc.. It also ventilates the lungs and heart. Therefore, a smile increases blood tension and breathing, supports the promotion of the entry and the exit of oxygen and, in addition, it improves circulation. Can you think of a better cure for your health problems?

There are endless ways of laughing. Whether it is sincere, sarcastic, a teasing or a shy laughter, a five-minute laughter equals 45 minutes of exercise. Because of it increasingly people prefer laughter therapy than going to the gym. This are seminars where participants learn how to laugh. Maybe it sounds a little ridiculous, but most people do not know how to laugh. In the early days of the therapy there is a certain shyness and shame among the participants, but within the minutes all the seminarians can’t stop laughing. After the first session people feel more relaxed than ever.

Do not be overwhelmed by daily stress, but concentrate on the essential details of your life. During holidays you can completely disconnect and let a few smiles escape I’m quite sure. Why not start your own laughter therapy in the charming Italian capital? The eternal city offers a host of beautiful places, spectacular entertainment and a very special atmosphere. Rent the best Apartments in Rome to enjoy affordable, comfortable and very relaxing accommodation.

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