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The 3rd of October is in most countries a totally normal day, but not in Germany. This date is gaining an enormous significance regarding German history because on this day the negotiations about the reuniting of German were successfully finished. That’s reason enough for Germany’s capital to celebrate with all its citizens and foreign visitors a spectacular festival for commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Welcome to German Unity Day 2009.

german unity day 2009

Berlin is the perfect example for a city which has experienced one of the most important events in world history. After the Second World War Germany was divided into four occupation zones controlled by the American, French, British and Soviet allies. Berlin was also split up into four zones, with the aim that the allies should cooperate in controlling the country. Nevertheless numerous conflicts caused the beginning of what we know as the Cold War. Therefore, all the area occupied by the Soviets, except West Berlin, was turned into the German Democratic Republic (GDR), while the other occupied zones were unified as the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). So in 1949 began the division of the country.

The years of division between East and West Germany were marked by dramatic conflicts and terrible political strategies. The GDR introduced a communist system, which was believed to be based on a kind of social market economy, but it was the same as the Soviet Union; a totally planned economy. While the FRG was enjoying the famous economic miracle of the 50’s the economical growth in East Germany was remarkably lower than the development in West Germany. Nevertheless the GDR was considered the richest country in the whole Eastern bloc.

After long years of division and many dreadful incidents, the country managed, with the strong support from many politicians and also due to good luck and a few coincidences, to reach the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November 1989 and at last the Unity of East and West Germany on the 3rd of October 1990. Therefore those days are considered as one of the most important dates in world history.

Berlin offers you an extensive program to celebrate those significant days in Germany. Between the 2nd and 4th of October you can enjoy many great events like workshops, concerts, expositions, theatres, fairs and flea markets, etc that will take place in the most historical and important places of the city. Come to the German capital and celebrate German Unity Day 2009 with the Germans! For getting a cheap and comfortable accommodation, you only have to rent the best apartments in Berlin. An unforgettable stay full of history is just waiting for you.

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