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“Until the end of time…” These word have been pronounced by the majority of Europe’s population, but a lot of them haven’t fulfilled their promise of marriage, because only some years later they heard their lawyers saying: “The marriage is officially divorced”. The European Union isn’t only a community of 27 member states, it is as well the best example of a Union of divorces. The current divorce rate in Europe breaks all records. Uncountable psychologists and anthropologists are trying to find an answer to this phenomenon referring to our first human ancestors, the Homo sapiens.


According to a study elaborated by the Institute for Family Policies almost one million marriages are ending in divorce each year. If we consider this figure in more detail, this would mean that every 33 seconds a couple in Europe gets separated. These are alarming figures because over the last 25 years the divorce rate has increased over 50%. So, it is not surprising that there are less Europeans who have the courage to marry his or her mate. And if they dare to walk up the altar, then they decide to take this important step very late: according to official studies, the average age of women getting married is about 28,2 years and the age of men 30 years.

Although the Mediterranean Europeans are in the group of the most desired women and men according to finding the perfect partner in life, it seems like that in the southern countries of Europe divorces are the new trend: over the last 25 years the divorces in Portugal has increased by over 89%, followed by Italy with 62% and Spain with an average of 59%. Meanwhile in Germany marriages last about 10,4 years, the married couples in Cyprus are fighting with the seven year itch.

Everyone is trying desperately to find the reason for this huge divorce rate in Europe. Is it the fault of the financial crisis, the globalization, climate change or society? Numerous experts think about that matter in a different way and relate it to the first human ancestors. The genetic make-up of the homo-sapiens shows us that they were completely unprepared for a lifelong relationship. The homo-sapiens stayed with their partners for almost four years, enough time for bringing up their children. A lot of experts defend this point of view: the unique biological reason to be with his partner is because of the offspring. According to science, to be in love with someone is only a kind of motivation system of the brain and a normal human drive.

However, every one of us should find his personal answer to this phenomenon. Nevertheless, experts give us the advice to try to trick our brain so that our organism transmits more dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin (hormones which control the well-being, feelings of happiness, etc.).

Don’t let your decision be swayed by the high divorce rate and show Europe that you are capable of living with your partner until the end of time. For reaching your goal, why don’t you spend a romantic holiday in one of the most beautiful European capitals? Rent an apartment in Paris: the best alternative for comfortable and cheap accommodation of high quality.

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