Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween at Parc Asterix in Paris | Apartments Blog

Pumpkins with scary faces, bony skeletons, angry ghosts and lots of candy, the world is about to celebrate Halloween again! Children dress up and make paper lanterns, and many adults love to celebrate the tradition as well.


The ancient Celts believed that on the night of 31st October, the boundary line between the world of the living and the death would vanish, and those who had died the year before would come back to steal a soul. People put food offerings at the front door to attract the spirits, but wore masks and costumes to confuse them. This is the origin of the modern trick-or-treat! Another custom was to put a skeleton on the windowsill, to represent the deceased, which explains why now we decorate our houses.

Since Halloween became more popular in Europe over the past years, many cities and especially theme parks host their own events. Even in the world of the Gaul’s, it’s the most mysterious time of the year. From 24th October until 4th November, spirits and evil ghosts will find their way to Parc Asterix and they are up to no good. Even the fearless warriors Asterix and Obelix will tremble upon entering into the Transdemonium, which is haunted throughout the year, but this Halloween its inhabitants will be more mischievous than ever.

The attraction N7 is deserted and transformed into “The path of witches” since an evil magician cast a spell on it. Fight your way through cobwebs before boarding your vehicle to tour the once famous, but now notorious path…
Do you dare to ride one of the six roller coasters? You never know when the Romans will decide to play tricks. The Tonnerre de Zeus (Thunder of Zeus) has a track of more then 1200 metres and a height of 30 metres. Some consider it the best wooden rollercoaster in the world, but do you think it is wise to challenge the gods on a dangerous night like this?

A black cat and a frightening old house, these will be the scariest 10 minutes of your life, the premiere of the short movie ‘The Haunted House’ in 3D. Whatever you do, don’t close your eyes. Even children like being scared sometimes, for them there will be a face painting and a costume event. After all, it is better to be disguised once you wander through the streets of old Paris. You never know who you’ll meet. The grand finale will be fireworks, to scare the demons off your back so you can go home safely. That is of course, if you survive the night…

So, do you think nothing can scare you? Prove it! Your favourite characters from the Asterix comics await you only 30 Km from the centre of Paris at Parc Asterix. Only this time, there will be nothing to laugh about… Rent the best apartments in Paris for your scariest Halloween in years!

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