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The Bakalao Route in Valencia

In Spain, absolutely everyone knows the so-called ‘Route of Destruction’, also known by its nickname the Bakalao route. This world-famous route was a massive musical phenomenon in the eighties, from which later originated clubbing. After the Franco era, Valencia became the number one party scene of the country, and every weekend thousands of youngsters found their way to the city to enjoy the notorious route, located near El Saler, where al the famous clubs were to be found – such as Barraca, Spook Factory, Chocolate, Espiral, NOD, Puzzle or ACTV.

Bakalao route valencia

The music that burst out of the speakers those days put Valencia at the forefront in Spain, and every weekend thousands of people from all over the country travelled to the city in order to check out these new and unheard sounds. There was the so-called white music, with unknown groups that were still considered alternative, like U2, Depeche Mode or The Cure; bands that brought Garage rock such as Screaming Tribesmen, Hoodoo Gurus and the Lime Spiders or some Indie groups that brought more dark and gothic sounds, for example Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy or Art of Noise. Years later, in the eighties, appeared new sounds like synthpop, techno and house with groups like New Order, Camouflage, Cretu and Red Flag.
Halfway through the eighties the fame of Valencia’s clubs was so widely spread that people from cities as far as Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona or Murcia joined the caravan and came to enjoy this unconventional music.

The disco NOD was to blame for the nowadays still popular practice of the bottelón (A drinking party in open air, where everybody brings his own bottles). Outside they had an enormous parking lot, where hundreds of cars held a party of their own with drinks and loud music. They met new people and socialized. It was such a success, that the disco starting throwing party’s in the parking lot as well. Sometimes there were more people outside then inside!
Beginning of the 90’s there was a boom and many new clubs appeared. The fame of the Bakalao route had spread and became the reference point for Spanish nightlife thanks to its music, its ‘permanent’ opening hours and its indulgence, freedom and tolerance. Heaven, Vila Adelina, Zone and Temple are just a few of the new discotheques that opened their doors. We are talking about more then 30.000 youngsters from all over Spain who came every weekend to the Bakalao route. It was only after 1995 when things started to go downhill.

From then onwards, the music evolved into more mechanical sounds like happy hardcore and hard house, but of a lower quality. Soon came the drugs such as ecstasy and consumption spread. This damaged the image of both Valencia and the Route, not only because of the drugs but also because of the rising number of car accidents

Nowdays still a few places left such us Albades disco. Spook Factory opened again in 2005 with a bit success but it was take over by the disco Space that also play in Ibiza and Barcelona. Anyway it was opened again in September 2008 with the name Spook Club Vlc. Chocolate opens only a few times per year. All the clubs have moved to a more hard core techno music and deep house.

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