Friday, October 10, 2008

Barcelona With Children

Barcelona is one of the favourite Spanish destinations for travellers from the entire world. Even the children choose the city as their favourite one when they leave home. If you want to enjoy the best family holidays, a big city such as Barcelona has the widest leisure offer for parents and children. In addition, it enjoys an ideal climate all the year round, with soft temperatures in winter and warm temperatures in summer. Thus, the children can go to the parks and to the beaches throughout the four seasons.

Travelling with children is not a problem anymore. Quite the opposite! The children will not have time to get bored and the parents will enjoy the city with the whole family! In addition, Barcelona has beaches and mountains. What other reason do you need to bring your children to Barcelona? They will have a great time!

The best way to start the day is going to the Poble Espanyol, where the kids will have fun while they discover the streets and the squares of the whole of Spain. Poble Espanyol is a hall where some of the most beautiful buildings and monuments from around the Spanish country are reproduced. Its narrow streets also hide a whole world full of life: workshops, shops, museums, restaurants and even green spaces for playing!

After having a tour around the Spanish geography without leaving Barcelona, you should take your children to the Aquàrium. There you may stroll under a 80 metre glass tunnel to see the sharks. This Aquarium is one of the largest in the world: it holds 11,000 animals from 450 different marine species. Recently a section for Humboldt penguins has been open. In addition, the kids may play in Explora, an interactive leisure and educational space, with more than 50 interactivities to touch, look at, listen to, investigate and discover nature. We promise an unforgettable experience for children and adults!

And talking about animals... The next stop is the Zoo. Barcelona's Zoo is one of the oldest in Spain. It was inaugurated in 1940. Unfortunately, the big star of the zoo, Copito de Nieve (an albino gorilla unique in the world) died in 2004. But there are many other animals like the dolphins, the lions, the hippopotamus or the rhinoceros.

The Zoo is located in one of the most beautiful and charming parks in Barcelona, The Citadella. It is one of the largest lungs of the city and a must for everybody. Strolling among its avenues and gardens is a real pleasure. Inside the park, there is a lake where children can sail in a boat for only three Euros! In addition, you can visit the Geology and the Zoology Museums.

After a wonderful stroll around The Ciutadella Park, you should take your children to the Imax Cinema. This cinema is a large-format cinema located in the Port Vell. Projections take place on a 600 square meter screen. Special 3D glasses are used to feel like you are in another world: everything seems to be real!

Do you want your children to spend an entertained and educative afternoon? Then, take them to Cosmocaixa! Cosmocaixa is the Science Museum in Barcelona. Visitors are invited to interact with many of the scientific experiments, making the whole experience richer and more entertaining, particularly for children.

If you want to visit a few amusement parks in Catalunya with your kids you need at least a day. You can go to the Tibidabo Park, a beautiful and charming theme park, which has the best views of Barcelona city. Its attractions are open since the 19th century. On the other hand, you can go to Port Aventura. It´s located in Tarragona. You just need 90 minutes by car to go there. It is a theme park full of action-packed adventures from all corners of the globe: imperial China, the Far West, exotic Polynesia, Aztec México and the mellow Mediterrània.

The Camp Nou is a must too! The Camp Nou Tour is the best way to experience Barça from within. This tour takes you through the past and present of an emblematic stadium and the Barça Museum. Maybe your children can get an autograph of their favourite football players!
Finally, you and your children have to go to the Ramblas, the most famous street in Barcelona. It goes from Catalunya Square to the Columbus statue. Your kids will have a great time there looking at the newspaper kiosks, the flower and animal stalls, and all sorts of artists.

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