Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Autumn Season - The Best Musicals in Madrid

Musicals are in fashion. It is not strange if we take in consideration the big impact that some TV shows such as Fame Academy or X Factor have held. Madrid launches the new Autumn Musical Season, with a wide range of spectacles for all the tastes. Between the most expected musicals, they come back Grease, High School Musical - which jumps back from the small screen to the stage, Beauty and the Beast and Anonymous Lovers. This season, Madrid citizens and its visitors will enjoy of the best leisure activities with the sound of the craziest rhythms.

Beauty and The Best

Beauty and the Beast pack the Spanish theatres since 2007. This show was going to stay 6 months in the Coliseum Theatre and now it has been extended one more season. This beautiful musical has become one of the favourites among the Spanish public. This Disney classic has travelled to 115 cities around the world and it has been seen by more than 30 million people. In New York it has been uninterrupted represented since 1994! Are you going to miss it?

High School Musical

The 25th September the Lope de Vega Theatre premiered one of the most expected musicals among the youth, High School Musical. This musical success is due to a huge impact that the TV show and the two movies have had on the media. This wonderful spectacle joins the songs and the choreographies of the movies and includes two new unpublished songs. Discover the value of the friendship and the acceptance with the High Scool Musical guys!


You can see the Grease musical in the Nuevo Alcala Theatre since the last 20th September. This is an adaptation of the unforgettable movie -led by John Travolta and by Olivia Newton-John. The Spanish version is faithful to the Broadway's original musical. So, they have the same set design, the same argument and the same songs. In turn, the Spanish staging is inspired by the original musical, which has won 12 Tony awards. Some artists as important as Coco Comin, Ricard Reguant or Manu Guiz, work together in this beautiful show.

Anonymous Lovers

The next 2nd October the Spanish musical Anonymous Lovers will premiere for the first time. This show mixes the best Spanish humour and the couplet. It tells a story about love and disaffection with the best Spanish humour. This musical comedy revolves around a group of ten people who meet in a therapy to detoxify of love using the Spanish couplet. Without any doubt it will be a new box-office success!

Beatles... La leyenda

This musical is a tribute to the Liverpool's famous band, The Beatles. A huge band plays their best songs while a group of dancers make shake the stage. In addition, a presenter carries out a chronological journey through the most famous songs of the band.

Cómeme el Coco, negro

The Catalan company La Cubana celebrates it 25 years with the revival of one of it most important spectacles. In 1989 La Cubana played "Comeme el Coco, Negro" to do a tribute to all the theatres companies and especially to the Music-Hall gender. This hilarious musical is full of surprises and it has a secret that you have to discover.

Come to Madrid to dance and to sing with the best music spectacles in Spain. Celebrate with us the new Autumn Season! Give yourself the genuine experience of getting Apartments in Madrid and enjoy the musical!

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