Thursday, October 16, 2008

Barcelona by night

Do you know that Barcelona is the city with the highest number of bars, pubs and nightclubs in the world? With this tempting offer, who dares to stay at home? Barcelona's night is specially designed to so you can burn the dance floor.

Barcelona is one of the most fashionable cities for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and its beautiful people. There you can party every day, from Monday to Sunday. Every night, thousands of clubs fill with people that want to spend a good time listening to the best music. There are cheap bars, Irish pubs, the most fashionable places or huge discos. You can spend 10 € in the whole night or maybe 60 € in five minutes: in addition, there you'll find a wide musical offer. There are clubs with hip-hop music, others with electronic music, others with pop music, and others with rock...

You have to pay an entrance fee in a lot of clubs in Barcelona. The price ranges between 5€ and 20 €, including consumption. Many bars and pubs have free entry, but you have to pay between 5€ and 15€ for a drink. Spanish people go out very late. The bars begin to fill up around 12:00pm and the nightclubs are usually empty until 2:00pm. They are open until 6:00am, approximately. Then, the after hours are open until the lunch time.

It will take a lifetime to mention all the clubs in Barcelona, so take note of which are the best places to visit according to the day of the week:


Monday nights are usually dead in most cities of the world, but not in Barcelona. To find the best atmosphere you have to go to Shoko disco, a club that organizes incredible parties every Monday night with free champagne and Japanese cocktails until 0:30pm. There you'll find the best R&B and House music. During the day, Shoko is one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city. Past midnight, it becomes a spectacular Lounge club with a modern and smart atmosphere. Address: Paseo Marítimo de la Barceloneta, 36. Metro: Vila Olímpica, L4.

Jamboree is one of the most famous concert halls in Spain and it opens from Monday to Sunday. This legendary club is full almost every day of the year. Artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Chet Baker have played in the Jamboree. From 12:00pm this concert hall becomes into a nightclub with the best black music (rhythm & blues, hip hop, funky). It is a great choice for Monday nights. Address: Plaça Reial, 17. Metro: Liceu, L3.


The second day of the week has its own name: Buda Bar. Every Tuesday night the most beautiful Spanish women are in the Buddha Bar, because it celebrates the Models Night. It is one of the most exclusive clubs in Barcelona and the favourite one of many famous people. Enjoy of a cozy atmosphere to lounge with beautiful people. Address: Pau Claris, 92. Metro: Pg. de Gràcia, L3, Urquinaona, L1, L4.


Wednesday nights in Barcelona are really lively. An endless number of places are opened in order that you can dance all night long. We specially like two places for this night: Bikini and Apolo. Bikini is a famous concert hall and nightclub in Barcelona. Every Wednesday night it celebrates the Black Music Bikini Party, with the best black music like Hip Hop, R&B and Funky. Address: Deu i Mata, 105 Metro: Les Corts o Maria Cristina, L3.

Apolo is as famous as Bikini. It is also a concert hall and a nightclub. This club offers more of a local atmosphere with international influence. Wednesday's Canibal Sound System night stretches the term Latin music to include hip hop and funk. Address: Nou de la Rambla, 113. Metro: Parallel, L3.


Thursdays are known as "college night", because most students choose Thursday night as their favourite day to party. Almost all the Catalan clubs are open on Thursday, so you can choose many places to go. It is difficult to choose just one place for Thursday night, but we specially like Otto Zutz.

Otto Zutz is one of the oldest clubs in Barcelona and a landmark in the city. It is divided into three floors: on the first one, you can listen to the best house music. On the second one, you can listen to funky and hip hop music and on the third floor, you can listen to soul music and the most famous old tunes. On Thursday Otto Zutz organizes special parties with the best national and international DJs. Address: Lincoln, 15. Metro: Fontana, L3.


For these nights you have as many offers as you wish. What kind of music do you want to listen to? What kind of atmosphere do you like? You'll find it all in Barcelona! Check a guide to fulfill your needs.

Who said that Sundays are sad? Enjoy the best party every Sunday in the Catwalk club. Two floors with pure rhythm! Upstairs you can dance to some of the finest hip hop and R&B, and downstairs it's one big house party! Address: Ramon Trias Fargas, 2-4. Metro: Barceloneta, L4

Barcelona's nightlife is as rich and varied as you'd expect of any major city which attracts tourists, students and Bohemian types. When the sun goes down here you'll find all forms of entertainment! Rent Apartments in Barcelona if you want to rest between party and party.

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