Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pink Barcelona at Night

Barcelona is a tolerant and cosmopolitan city and it is also a reference point for thousands of homosexuals, tourists and locals. The city offers a wide range of culture and leisure activities for the gay community and it is considered one of the favourite gay tourist destinations.

Although it doesn't have a gay neighbourhood as well defined as Chueca in Madrid, it has the Gaixample area, where most of the gay pubs, clubs and shops are concentrated. It extends from Balmes street to Comte d'Urgell street, including crowded and central streets such as Gran Via, Diputació, Villarroel and Aribau. The area is integrated in the left Eixample, but unlike Chueca, it is not an exclusively gay neighbourhood. In fact, the multicolor flags wave here and there, mingling with the straight locals. Barcelona is an open minded city where everyone has his/her own space.

Lately, the gay leisure offer has multiplied, especially for girls. The Catalan night offers options for all tastes: here you'll find the most fashionable clubs, all kinds of bars and the classic locals that have been open for years. In fact, there are so many places to go, that sometimes it is impossible to choose a unique club/pub to spend the whole night in. There are locals for bears, locals for leathers, locals just for lesbians... These groups don't usually mix with each other, except in special events as the Circuit Festival, the Eurogames or in any of the mixed clubs of the city. Even the first gay declared hotel in Spain (Axel Hotel), has opened its doors in Barcelona.

Where to start the night

The best way to start the night is to go from one pub to another. There are many pubs/bars where you can have the first drink, both for boys and girls. A classic in Barcelona is Dietrich (Consell de Cent, 255), an elegant pub with the best music of the moment and an amazing decoration. The Sweet Café (Casanova, 75) is a new local, very popular among the gay community, where cinema sessions and DJs presentations are celebrated. Atame (Consell de Cent, 257) is a must for the boys. It is a meeting point in the area to have a drink at night with house music or have a coffee in the afternoon with the best pop hits of the Spanish music. In the Bear Factory (Pasaje Domingo, 3) the bear community and their fans will feel right at home. Punto (Muntaner, 63-65) is one of the oldest pubs in Barcelona. It has a mixed and relaxed atmosphere. For each drink you pay, they give you a free ticket to go to one of the six locals of Arena's group. Aire (Valencia, 236) is the most famous and visited pub among lesbian girls. This pub has had so much acceptance among girls, that it figures as one of the best lesbian locals in Europe. Another pub just for her is Déjà vu (Aribau, 81). It is the perfect place to have a drink listening to the hits of the moment.

From club to club

Those who love to party will find in Barcelona the perfect city to stay in. There are the best gay discos! Arena Vip (Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 153) is the most famous gay club in Catalonia. It is a huge disco with two rooms, one with the best house and techno music, and the other with tacky music. This is a tolerant and fun club where gay and straight people can mix! We recommend a visit to DBOY (Rda. Sant Pere, 19 -21). In this club you'll find cute boys, a modern, amazing decoration and the best house sound by Matine Group. But it's just for boys! Arena Madre (Balmes, 32) was the first gay nightclub that opened in Barcelona. It is very famous because of its wild shows and it techno music. In Arena Classic (Diputacio, 233) you can listen to Spanish pop music and enjoy a great time dancing all the night! Metro (Sepúlveda, 185) is the only nightclub that opens every night. It has also two rooms with house and tacky music. Once a month, there is a lesbian party just for girls: the Nextown Ladies party. Here everything is different and it is specially designed for women: dj's, go-gos, spectacles and there are beautiful girls. Another girl club is Kiut (Consell de Cent, 280). It has a beautiful decoration and the most pretty gay girls. One of the places with the best reputation among girls is the D-Mer (Brusi, 45). It's an elegant nightclub with all types of music. La Rosa (Brusi, 39 ) is the oldest girls club in the city. There you can dance all the night with the best latin music. To finish the night, Imagine (Marià Cubí, 4) is the best choice! With La Rosa, it is one of the classic places just for women.

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Whatever your nightlife preferences are, here you will find the perfect place for you!

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