Tuesday, September 16, 2008

11S, The National Day of Catalonia

Most of us, remind the 11th September as one of the most terrible days in world’s history because of the suicide attacks by al-Qaeda upon the United States. But this has been a celebration day in Catalonia for years. The same 11th September, centuries ago in 1714 to be precised, it commemorates the defeat it suffered at the hands of the Spanish troops commanded by Felipe V of Bourbon. It also reminds the abolition of the Catalan Institutions after the promulgation of the “Nueva Planta” Decrees, in 1716. Catalonia, which had been a sovereign nation up to that point, lost its national freedoms, it language and it culture, these were totally banned.

In 1932 Catalonia acquired a Statute of Autonomy and recovered some of its national rights. But after the Spanish Civil War, Franco’s Dictatorship imposed the hardest repression ever lived in Catalonia. Some people adventure to say that his regime was a cultural genocide. There were thousands of repatriates and many people were shot, such as the President of the Catalan Government, Lluís Companys, the only European president executed under Nazism-fascism.

In 1979 a new Statute of Autonomy was approved, giving the Catalan country its own institutions and government. Nowadays, most Catalan people still think Catalonia does not have a satisfactory self-government.


This Celebration is defined as a political act of the civil society to celebrate the Catalan Diada in a festival way. Around 200 Catalan institutions make a special exhibition. In Addition a manifest is read. To close the event Catalan people celebrates a concert.

The entities and the political parties do floral offerings to Rafael Casanova and Josep Moragues monuments. Other organizations and independence groups also present their offerings to the “Fossar de les Moreres”, a place where the defenders, who died during the siege of the city, were buried. Many citizens hang on their balconies a Catalan flag called Señera and sing the national anthem, Els Segadors.

Since 2003 the core act of institutional Diada is carried out by the Generalitat of Catalonia, celebrated at Ciutadella’s Park. This event invites national artist and singers to join the celebration with their music.
Every 11 September, many Catalans continue to demonstrate in the streets to demand recognition of their national rights and liberties and a greater degree of self-government.
Agenda for 11th September
10h: tribute to Gustau Muñoz [Ferran street]
11h: CAJEI political act [Fossar de les Moreres]
11.30h: Maulets politicak act [Passeig del Born]
13h: demostration for pilitical prisoners [Passeig del Born]
14h: `Botifarrada´ [Passeig del Born]
17h: DEMOSTRATION [Plaça Urquinaona]
19h: centra political actl [Passeig del Born]

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